Where Was ‘You, Me & the Christmas Trees’ Filmed? See Cast Stories

You, Me and The Christmas Trees

Crown Media You, Me and The Christmas Trees

Hallmark’s first new Countdown to Christmas movie for 2021 is Danica McKellar’s “You, Me & the Christmas Trees.” The movie premieres Friday, October 22 at 8 p.m. Eastern, and numerous encores will also air this season. Benjamin Ayres and Jason Hervey are also starring in this movie.

If you miss the original showtime, it’s airing again at 6 p.m. Eastern on October 23, and then October 27 at 10 p.m. Eastern and November 7 at 2 p.m. Eastern.

The Movie Was Filmed in Canada During a Heatwave

“You, Me & the Christmas Trees” was filmed in Canada during a heatwave in August. McKellar revealed in an Instagram post that the temperatures hit the mid-90s and got even hotter than that. It was especially difficult because they had to wear sweaters while filming.

Julie Sherman Wolfe shared that although the movie takes place in Avon, Connecticut, it was actually filmed in Victoria, Canada.

McKellar shared that she had to pour water into her boots to stay reasonably cool while filming.

Ayres told RomComRoad that shooting in the extreme heat was difficult.

He said, “In this movie we were so hot, ridiculously hot. …. On these days she was overheated, she [Danica] would take cold water bottles and pour them into her boots so that she was walking around in sloshy, wet feet. Which was actually amazing and I started to do it too…”

McKellar shared an Instagram story about how hot it was, but how they persevered anyway. She wore a sleeveless top so she could be cooler when she took off her jacket between takes.



McKellar shared this video of makeup touchups while filming.

She also shared a video of a nature hike that she took while she wasf ilming the movie in Canada.

Perhaps one of the strangest behind-the-scenes videos occurred when she and Ayres revealed a weird bathroom setup that they found on set:

Her co-star Hervey played Wayne on “The Wonder Years,” so the movie is a bit of a “Wonder Years” reunion for them.

There’s a Christmas fair in the movie, and she shared an Instagram story video of some of the delightful Christmas-themed food and crafts that you could see in the fair.





She also shared some behind-the-scenes moments on her Instagram story during ADR after filming.



Hervey also shared a behind-the-scenes moment on Instagram.

And a video of a behind-the-scenes rehearsal.

Filming wrapped on August 10, he shared on Instagram.

Meet the Cast

Hallmark’s synopsis reads: “Olivia is Connecticut’s resident expert on evergreens who, just days before the holiday, agrees to help Jack, a fourth generation Christmas tree farmer in Avon. A mysterious illness has befallen their firs, causing them to die out and threatening his family’s 100-year business. As Olivia tries to get to the root of the problem and extends her stay in town, she and Jack spend more time together and feelings begin to develop.”

Crown Media

Danica McKellar is Olivia.

McKellar’s many credits include include “The Wonder Years” (Winnie Cooper), “The West Wing” (Elsie Snuffin), “Dancing with the Stars,” “Young Justice” (Megan Morse), “The Wrong Woman” (Lifetime), and many Hallmark movies including “Perfect Match,” “Love and Sunshine,” “Crown for Christmas,” “Wedding Bells,” “Campfire Kiss,” “My Christmas Dream,” “Coming Home for Christmas,” “Christmas She Wrote,” and “Christmas at Dollywood.” McKellar is also the founder of McKellarMath.com and writes bestselling books that tackle math education.

This will be McKellar’s seventh Hallmark Christmas movie.

Crown Media

Benjamin Ayres is Jack. Last year he starred opposite Nikki DeLoach in “Cranberry Christmas” for Hallmark. His credits include “Saving Hope” and Hallmark’s “Chronicle Mysteries.” He’s also known for his role as Cancer Cowboy in the CBC series “jPod,” and he’s starred in “Dan for Mayor,” “Less than Kind,” “Love By Chance,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “Bitten,” “Lost Girl,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Flashpoint,” “Combat Hospital,” “Diamond,” “Impact,” “Falling for Vermont,” and “Smallville.” In 2019, he starred in “Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas” for Hallmark.

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Jason Hervey is Dwayne. Since starring in “The Wonder Years,” Hervey has starred in other productions including “TNA iMPACT! Wrestling,” “Justice League Unlimited,” “100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd,” “The Last Ride,” “Spring Fling!,” “Take Me Home Again,” and more. Prior to “The Wonder Years” he was also on “Diff’rent Strokes,” “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure,” and “Back to the Future.”

Also starring are:

  • Linda Darlow (Peggy)
  • Amanda Lisman (Kelly)
  • Billy Wickman (Elliott)
  • Keith MacKechnie (Harry)
  • Karen Kruper (Ellen)
  • Daniel Bacon (Mayor Maguire)
  • Jill Morrison (Lisa)
  • Fred Henderson (Sid)
  • Andres Collantes (Miles)
  • Nia Cummins (Rachel)
  • Gus Khosrowkhani (Mr. Mozzicato)
  • Todd Mann (Man #1)
  • Brad Mann (Man #2)
  • Jacob Insley (Tow Truck Driver)
  • Nelson Giles (Owner)
  • Zara Bacic (Young Olivia)
  • Emily Maddison (Younger Ellen)
  • Holly Harris (Little Girl)

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