Fans Wowed By Shirtless Ben Napier Post: ‘Gonna Break the Internet’

Ben Napier

Heavy/Discovery+ Ben Napier of HGTV's "Home Town"

Erin Napier had fans swooning over her husband Ben on Sunday, uploading an Instagram photo of him building travel easels for her and their daughters. While some fans simply praised the HGTV star’s kind gesture for his family, many were caught off guard — and clearly thrilled — by the rare view of Ben shirtless, bent over one of the easels with his bare shoulders and back on full display.

Erin has recently shared via social media that Ben, with whom she shares two daughters — five-year-old Helen and nearly-two-year-old Mae — has lost a significant amount of weight in recent months, setting up a home gym while he awaits shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff. His new physique has set fans’ hearts aflutter, generating lots of amusing reactions to his uncharacteristically flannel-free photo.

Fans Post Funny Reactions to Erin Napier’s Photo of Shirtless Husband Ben

On March 6, 2023, Erin posted the sweet and, some would argue, sultry photo of her woodworker husband finishing his latest family project — a set of three easels that she and their girls can fold up and take anywhere to paint.

Erin wrote in the caption, “while we napped built us girls travel easels.”

That sweet gesture combined with Ben’s toned, freckled shoulders and back sent her followers into a bit of a frenzy, leaving amusing comments about the rare view of him shirtless.

“Gonna break the Internet,” one wrote.

“That’s the seggsiest thing ever,” another commented, adding a winking emoji.

One follower wrote, “He’s amazing. And HOTTTT!!! you’re a lucky lady Erin,” while another quipped “STUD CENTRAL” and added three fire emojis.

Another commented, “Ben is putting the hubba hubba in hubby!”

Red-headed Ben’s rugged good looks have not gone unnoticed by fans since “Home Town” debuted on HGTV in 2016. In 2021, People magazine included him in its “Sexiest Men Alive” issue, prompting his wife to race out to CVS to buy a copy.

Ben also shared a photo on Instagram at the time, but it was of flowers that were sent to Erin by Kathleen Finch, the head honcho at HGTV’s parent company, Warner Brothers Discovery. His photo showed the note she sent, which read, “Erin, congrats on being married to one of People’s sexiest men. You go, Girl!”

Ben captioned the photo, “Y’all pray for @erinapier. This award is more of a burden for her. She will never hear the end of it. @people #peoplesexiestmanalive #trophyhusband”

In December, when he donned a kilt made by his mom during an episode of “Home Town,” fans swooned over getting a glimpse of his bare legs, which he joked to People was his attempt to get back on the “Sexiest Men Alive” list.

Ben Napier Has Been Working Out in Advance of Shoulder Surgery

Several days before posting the photo of her shirtless husband, Erin revealed in a March 2 post that Ben has been working out, losing weight, and improving his blood pressure. She shared a photo of him on the floor of his home gym playing with their girls, and another of him posing for the camera and looking trim.

Erin wrote, “Somehow despite having a torn rotator cuff and us barging in and slowing him down daily, has been building a gym in the barn and lost many lbs. and holy smokes what a babe with good blood pressure”

When a fan asked in the comments whether Ben is going to have surgery for his torn rotator cuff, Erin replied, “Yes he is” with a frowning emoji.

But many followers praised Ben for prioritizing his health, congratulating him on his results.

One wrote, “That is fantastic!!!! Prioritizing OUR health is so important. We need to be there for our families with good health. Way to go Ben!”

This isn’t the first time Ben has worked hard to get to a healthier weight. In 2019, according to Country Living, the woodworker lost 55 pounds, inspired by daughter Helen’s birth to get healthier.

In 2018, he wrote on their Laurel Mercantile blog that he didn’t want to become another statistic in his family. His mom’s father died of a stroke when she was just 17, and both his father and paternal grandfather have had open-heart surgeries.

He wrote, “Having Helen made me want to be healthier so I could be around a lot longer and see her grow up and see her whole life.”

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