‘Boise Boys’ Luke Caldwell & Clint Robertson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson

YouTube Luke Caldwell & Clint Robertson of HGTV's "Boise Boys."

Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson are the hosts of HGTV’s “Boise Boys” and the self-proclaimed “Odd Couple” of home renovations. They are total opposites and best friends. Caldwell is a former musician who has performed in every state except Alaska, while Robertson is a “serial entrepreneur” and real estate developer, HGTV reported. Caldwell and Robertson have also appeared on HGTV’s “Flipping Across America.”

Boise Boys” has been airing on HGTV since 2017 and has had two seasons and 20 episodes. The show follows Caldwell and Robertson as they renovate and sell homes in Boise, Idaho. Their new show, “Outgrown,” premiered in September 2021 and follows Caldwell and Robertson as they help families who’ve outgrown their spaces.

“Designer Luke Caldwell and builder Clint Robertson know a thing or two about family. Between them they have 11 kids,” according to HGTV. Season 3 of “Boise Boys” is also on the way, according to the Instagram account for their business Timber and Love, but no premiere date has been set yet.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. They Come From Very Different Backgrounds

Caldwell was born and raised in Boise and got into real estate when he and his wife Miranda needed extra money to adopt a child (more on that later), HGTV reported. He was a “touring musician” at the time, according to HGTV.

Robertson was born in Austin, Texas, and raised in Fort Worth. According to his website, he is “a licensed attorney, CPA, real estate broker, mediator, contractor, negotiator, and serial entrepreneur” who moved to Idaho when he realized the untapped potential of the Boise real estate market.

The pair founded their company Timber and Love in 2015. Caldwell told HGTV the inspiration for the name came about “because we love to incorporate timber in every project and try our best to put in a lot of love!”

2. Luke Caldwell & Clint Robertson Met at a Whole Foods

In movies and television, there’s a phrase called the “meet-cute” — a scene in which two people have “a cute, charming, or amusing first encounter.” According to Studio Binder, “the characters feel either a mutual attraction, aversion or some combination of the two.” Now, the two people are usually future romantic partners, but the way in which “Boise Boys” Caldwell and Robertson met definitely fits the category.

Caldwell and Robertson met at Whole Foods in Boise. Greenbelt Magazine revealed that the two met through a mutual friend in the upscale grocery store. They instantly knew that they had a shared vision.  “We met each other just a few years ago. And really just had an immediate synergy,” Caldwell told the outlet in 2018. “I guess usually with ‘type A’ people sometimes it’s not the easiest to work together and because we both have vision and we both are get-stuff-done kind of people. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a little bit of our different seasons of life or whatever it was, but we both just really connected. We were able to really just trust each other and move forward and it created just a really good chemistry.”

3. They Have 11 Kids Between Them

The “Boise Boys” know a thing or two about the subject of their newest HGTV show “Outgrown.” Between them, Caldwell and Robertson have 11 kids. Caldwell has eight kids — three biological and five adopted — while Robertson has three sons.

According to his website, Robertson graduated at the top of his class at Texas Christian University, where he met his wife Sandy. The couple has three kids — Jake, Eli and Daniel — and fans of “Boise Boys” have seen Robertson put his boys to work helping out on home renovations. Two of his sons are in medical school and the third will join them when he graduates from Boise State University, TCU Magazine revealed.

Caldwell and his wife Miranda and have eight kids — Morris, Darla, Elias, Brighten, Promise, Ezra, Arrow and Tucker. Each of their five adopted kids has special needs. In an interview with People, Caldwell revealed that he and Miranda were both deeply affected by mission trip work in orphanages when they were younger — him in India, her in Romania — and they knew in their hearts that adoption was going to be part of their life’s journey. “I just remember thinking, ‘I can’t believe these kids don’t have parents, they don’t have anyone to take care of them.’ It broke my heart, even as a 12-year-old,” Caldwell said.

“I would say the most joyful thing is, as a dad, you just get to teach them everything — they haven’t been exposed to anything. It’s just this huge opportunity. The possibilities are just endless,” Caldwell told the outlet.

4. Robertson Is a ‘Serial Entrepreneur’ Who Competed on ‘The Apprentice’

Robertson planned on becoming a doctor when he enrolled at TCU on a full academic scholarship, TCU’s magazine revealed. Instead, he went into accounting and landed a job at Ernst & Young in 1992, the same year he married his wife Sandy, according to the outlet. Robertson soon discovered his “allergy to desk-work and neckties” and got his law degree from SMU, he revealed on his website.

Robertson opened a real estate title office in a rural Texas suburb and began developing real estate, according to his website. Just before the crash of the real estate market in 2009, Robertson and his wife moved their family to Idaho. He opened a law practice, bought a pawnshop and competed on Donald Trump’s former NBC show “The Apprentice” in 2010, his bio indicates. Robertson made it to the finals before hearing the iconic catchphrase “You’re fired.”

“Apparently their excuse was I said ‘y’all’ too much,” Robertson told TCU magazine.

Robertson is also a world-class poker player who finished one spot ahead of poker legend and all-time World Series of Poker champ Phil Hellmuth at the 2019 World Series of Poker, according to his website.

5. They Are the ‘Odd Couple’ & ‘Dads of HGTV’

When Robertson and his family moved to Idaho they settled in Coeur D’Alene. They bought a condo in Bosie when their son Jake enrolled at Boise State University, he revealed to TCU’s magazine. Not long after, he met Caldwell, who was flipping houses to raise money for adoption fees in between traveling for gigs as a Christian musician. They hit it off immediately despite being, in their own words, “an odd couple.”

“I’m your Texas boot-wearing, rough and ready construction guy, and Luke is the skinny jean, man-purse designer,” Robertson told the outlet.

It takes the “Boise Boys” an average of five months to renovate a house from top to bottom, the outlet revealed. Robertson is the general contractor. Caldwell is the designer. Caldwell is also the first business partner Robertson has ever had. During season 2 of “Boise Boys,” they renovated 13 hours in 10 months.

“We have been classified as the dads of HGTV, and I, for one, love that,” Caldwell said to TCU magazine. “My family is my greatest treasure, and knowing that the person standing next to you feels the same way is important.”

In an interview with Greenbelt Magazine, Robertson said, “We both do all of this for our kiddos,” Clint adds. “We just try to settle it back into our family’s lives and our families are our first calling. I mean if you are not taking care of your home front, then what does it matter what you are doing anywhere else?”

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