HGTV Reveals Future of ‘Down Home Fab’

Cole and Chelsea DeBoer

HGTV Cole and Chelsea DeBoer

HGTV is halfway through airing the first season of its newest show “Down Home Fab”, and the network has already announced the fate of the freshman series. Earlier today, February 2, HGTV shared a video to Instagram of hosts Chelsea and Cole DeBoer getting the news that their show has been renewed for a second season, including their immediate reaction.

See the video below.

‘Down Home Fab’ Ratings Have Climbed With Each of the First 3 Episodes

After hearing the news that their show would be coming back for a second season, “Down Home Fab” hosts and former “Teen Mom 2” stars Chelsea and Cole were thrilled. Cole’s immediate reaction was to shout, “No way!”

Chelsea went on to say, “I’m shaking, you guys don’t understand how much this means to us. I have been refreshing the ratings all day because I want to show you guys that we’re doing a good job. This means so much to us.”

“Down Home Fab” premiered on Monday, January 16. According to US TV Database, the premiere drew in 678,000 viewers, which The U.S. Sun called “disappointing”, and compared to the next evening’s episodes of “Fixer to Fabulous” (hosted by Jenny and Dave Marrs), which drew in 1,098,000 viewers, and “House Hunters”, which brought in 941,000 viewers.

Despite this initial setback, the DeBoer’s show was able to recover over the next two weeks, climbing to 850,000 viewers in the second episode (which aired January 23) and 878,000 in the third episode (which aired January 30). After hearing the good news about their renewal, Cole thanked the producers and confirmed that he and Chelsea plan to “work our a** off” on the second season.

“Coming from a show like ‘Teen Mom’, I feel like it’s hard to get people to believe in you, so I never felt like [in] anything I did, anyone would take me seriously, and this just feels so good. I feel very proud of it, so I’m so happy,” Chelsea said while fighting back tears.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported that “Down Home Fab” season two will increase from six episodes to eight, and is expected to premiere in early 2024.

Chelsea DeBoer Reached Out to HGTV With the Idea for ‘Down Home Fab’

In a phone interview with Heavy prior to “Down Home Fab” premiere, Chelsea confirmed that she played a major role in the development of their HGTV series. She and Cole were in the process of building their dream home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where they live with their children, and were sharing the process online in a dedicated Instagram account called Down Home DeBoers, which built a following of over 760,000.

Chelsea liked getting to work with Cole and share the process with fans, and so one day she had the idea to reach out to HGTV the best way she knew how, by sliding into their direct messages on Instagram.

“It’s kinda funny because I slid into their DMs. We were building our house and I just messaged them one day,” Chelsea said, though she mentioned feeling regret, “I deleted it right away because I was so embarrassed that I would do that. That’s not typical of me.”

Despite her deleting the message, word had still reached the network, and after many months of hard work Chelsea and Cole are able to celebrate not one, but two seasons on HGTV. “Guess what? We’re having margaritas tonight!” Chelsea said at the end of the clip where she and Cole received the season two renewal news.

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