Drew Scott Chips Front Tooth Before Going on Live TV

Drew Scott

Heavy/Getty HGTV's Drew Scott

Drew Scott is recovering after suffering a dental emergency hours before he was scheduled to appear live with his brother, Jonathan Scott, on QVC to promote their newest home decor products. On March 9, 2023, the HGTV star revealed his dental dilemma on social media, showing off his goofy look in one photo and posting from a dentist’s office in another, hoping for a quick fix before the Scott brothers were scheduled to kick off their two-hour live appearance.

Drew managed to make it on time, tooth intact, to Jonathan’s Los Angeles backyard for the show, during which the duo appeared virtually to share their newest Scott Living home and garden items, while QVC personality David Venable hosted the on-air event from the channel’s Pennsylvania studios.

Before beginning to showcase their new products, when Venable mentioned Drew’s trip to the dentist, the “Property Brothers” star showed off his new smile for the camera. And though Jonathan hasn’t commented on his brother’s ordeal, it’s possible he literally felt his pain throughout the afternoon, since the twins have said they sometimes feel one other’s physical discomfort. Here’s what you need to know:

Drew Scott Posted Selfie From the Dentist

Drew alerted fans to his dental crisis via Instagram by first posting a funny video in his Stories, with him slowly smiling to reveal his goofy-looking grin. A little later, he posted a selfie while reclined in a dental chair with a bib around his neck, looking slightly nervous while revealing his chipped tooth.

He wrote, “We’re going live on @qvc in less than 6 hours and I just chipped my tooth… This could get interesting 😬🦷”

Drew also posted a photo of his faulty smile on his and wife Linda’s “At Home” Instagram account, writing, “Today was a good day😬”

Many fans compared Drew’s look to Jim Carrey’s half-toothed character in “Dumb and Dumber,” and multiple famous friends chimed in on the posts.

Fellow HGTV personality Scott McGillivray quipped “It’s an improvement! 😂” to which Drew replied with a laughing emoji.

“100 Day Dream Home” host Mika Kleinschmidt wrote, “That’s the same exact tooth that I chipped 😂 it adds character!”

When WWE wrestler and TV personality Nikki Bella wrote, “Take it like a champ ;) lol looks good on you!” Drew responded, “I’m not crying YOUR crying!!!”

According to the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), chipped teeth “account for the majority of dental injuries” and typically should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further injury. Depending on how much of a tooth is lost, the AAE says chipped teeth are often repaired by reattaching the broken piece or by “bonding a tooth-colored filling or crown in place.”

Though Drew didn’t divulge specifically how his tooth was fixed when Venable asked about his trip to the dentist, the “Property Brothers: Forever Home” host walked up to the TV camera on Jonathan’s back patio to show off his newly-repaired smile.

“Oh my gosh, I’m gonna come close, how do I look?” he asked while approaching the camera. “A few hours before coming here, I chipped my tooth! I looked like Jim Carrey in ‘Dumb and Dumber,’ but I think it looks pretty good now.”

“Oh no,” Venable responded. “Well hopefully they gave you good meds and you’re feeling okay.”

“I feel great,” Drew told Venable, who’s also a cookbook author. “It was on a piece of toast! If it was something you cooked up, I’m sure I would have been fine.”

Twins Drew & Jonathan Scott Have Said They Sometimes Feel Each Other’s Pain

Jonathan and Drew Scott

GettyJonathan and Drew Scott in 2019

Drew’s twin brother, Jonathan, hasn’t commented on his brother’s dental emergency, but he likely felt for him all afternoon — possibly even literally. The Scotts, who grew up in Canada, revealed on “TODAY with Hoda & Jenna” in 2018 that their bond is so strong they not only frequently have the same thoughts, but sometimes feel one another’s physical pain.

For instance, during their college days, Drew seriously injured his knee and Jonathan suddenly started having severe pain in the same knee, even though he was hundreds of miles away.

“I mean there is a twin bond, we’re identical twins and I know this sounds weird,” Drew said, “but I was actually in a different (Canadian) province than Jonathan, I injured myself playing basketball, we go for knee surgery, and all of a sudden he had to take four days off from work because his knee was hurting him, and I hadn’t told him about (the surgery).”

Nancy Segal, director of the Twin Studies Center at California State University, Fullerton, has tried to debunk myths about twins experiencing each other’s pain or having a telepathic bond because there’s no concrete research to support those theories, according to Psychology Today. But many twins — including the Scotts — say it’s very real to them.

“There’s weird things like that through our whole lives that happened,” Jonathan said.