Drew Scott Shares New Photos of 6-Month-Old Son Parker

Drew Scott

Getty Drew Scott

HGTV host and “Property Brothers” star Drew Scott has posted very few photos of his six-month-old son Parker on Instagram, so whenever he does, fans are thrilled. This week, Scott shared two photos, one current and one throwback, to let fans see just how much little Parker has grown over time.

“It’s true when they say they grow up so fast!” Scott captioned the post.

Although Parker’s face is not visible in the photos, he has clearly grown leaps and bounds, going from lying in the fetal position on his father’s chest in the first photo to standing on his own two feet in the second photo.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the sweet father-son post and took to Scott’s comments section to let him know. See Scott’s post for yourself below.

Drew Scott Shares 6-Month Before & After of Parker

Fans loved Drew Scott’s latest update and were quick to reach out with support, as well as advice.

“It goes faster as each year passes. But ever moment gets better too. Just when you think you couldn’t love them more, you do! I say get him a tool belt for Christmas. He’ll be by your side in no time. 🥰,” one fan wrote.

“Yup very fast. [From] that 1st sigh into your shoulder to I can jump off that shoulder. It’s like you now are in some weird time warp where you are forever 3 steps behind,” another fan commented.

“Yes, my grandson is already 3 and a half months. The huge blessing of my life besides my kids. Enjoy,” a third fan wrote.

Fans weren’t the only ones to chime in, with Drew’s brother and hosting partner Jonathan Scott joking, “So, did Drew put Parker down for the night or did Parker put Drew down? 🤔,” regarding Parker taking a nap in the first photo. Drew responded to his brother that is was, “a bit of both”.

This is Drew Scott’s First Christmas With Parker

Baby Parker was born in May of this year, which means this is his first Christmas, and he was born into a family full of traditions. The Scott family, including Drew, Jonathan, brother JD, and parents Jim and Joanne, have previously opened up about their family’s Christmas traditions for the twins’ Drew + Jonathan Reveal magazine.

“My parents weren’t into buying expensive decorations. We would make everything. I remember spending hours cutting intricate patterns for giant paper snowflakes, and making shelf sitters out of toilet paper rolls,” Drew said, “It’s part of how we became the creative design types we are.”

The family also details how they got their puppy a mother one year for Christmas, and how every year they would go sledding, and go caroling around the neighborhood with candles and hot cider. The caroling began with just the immediate Scott family, but then eventually neighboring families and friends would join with instruments to accompany the singers. The family still carols when they have Christmas together in LA at Drew and his wife Linda Phan’s house.

“We have always had a lot of extra people in the house at Christmas, especially people who were alone or who wouldn’t be seeing family that year,” Linda said, including extended family and any college or childhood friends in need of a place to stay.