Why Some HGTV Fans Have an Issue With ‘No Demo Reno’

Jenn Todryk

HGTV Jenn Todryk stars in HGTV's "No Demo Reno."

The HGTV series “No Demo Reno,” hosted by social media influencer Jennifer Todryk, debuted in March 2021. On the show, Todryk and her team transform homes in relatively easy and cost-effective ways by not having to resort to knocking down walls. However, minor construction does happen on the series, which has caused some fans to have an issue with the show’s title.

Fans Took to Reddit To Express Their Issues With the Show

Earlier this week, the Reddit user u/therealbobglenn took to the HGTV subreddit to express their qualms with “No Demo Reno” 

“Does anyone else find it infuriating that no demo reno does a demo EVERY SINGLE TIME?!” read the post

Quite a few Reddit users flocked to the comments section to share their opinions on the matter. One commenter with the username teachertraveler1 stated that they believed HGTV “did such a bad job marketing this show” and asserted that “[i]f the name was different, if they didn’t have the silly introduction pretending they don’t do demo, then it would be fine.” The Reddit user went on to say that they “don’t blame [Todryk]” because she does not have prior experience with hosting an HGTV show. 

“One of the things that makes her show different is that not only does she save existing cabinets or things, she actually sells things that are good quality but that the homeowner doesn’t like anymore. The fact that she keeps under budget by asking what’s really essential is unique. I wish they had pitched the show around that: the idea that you don’t have to completely start over, that there are creative solutions out there,” read a portion of the comment. 

Another Reddit user, u/cowtown55, stated that the name “‘Low Demo Reno’ … would have been way better fitting” for the show. One commenter, however, disagreed with the assessment that the series should have a different title. 

“The premise of the show is no major demo that requires moving walls, structural engineering, permits, etc. If you think someone is going to magically renovate an area without actually removing something, is not very smart. That’s basically called painting and floors,” wrote the Reddit user, u/jackinmass. 

“No Demo Reno” Has Become a Hit Show for HGTV

Even though some fans may not be too happy with the show’s title, “No Demo Reno” has already proven itself to be a success. The Dallas Morning News reported that the series “has attracted more than 24 million total viewers.” 

One of the reasons the show may be so popular is that Todryk has a built-in fanbase. The television personality found fame in 2015 after one of her posts on her blog, “The Rambling Redhead” found a wide readership. During a 2019 interview with DFW Child, the mother-of-three discussed becoming an overnight success. She told the publication: 

I just got really lucky. I remember when I went viral—I restarted my computer because I thought there was a glitch in my AdSense counter. I was so naïve. I will say I’ve been very fortunate in how fast that I have grown on my platforms. It definitely has given me a sense that I’m supposed to be here, like God wants me to do this, and I keep that in my mind, as far as my message I send out, the light that I shed, as far as being positive. 

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