‘Home Town’ Returns With Erin & Ben Napier’s ‘Hilariously Different’ Moms

Ben and Erin Napier

HGTV Ben and Erin Napier decorate their primary bedroom at their new country home on HGTV's "Home Town"

“Home Town” fans will get a special treat when they tune in for the popular HGTV show’s return on December 4, 2022. Not only will Ben and Erin Napier fully reveal the renovation of their new country home, but viewers will get to see their moms’ reactions and even Ben wearing a kilt, all of which Erin says amounts to one of their funniest reveals in six seasons of filming the series.

Ben & Erin Napiers’ Moms Have Opposite Reactions to Their Country Home Renovation

Erin and Ben Napier new home

Larson & Talbert / Southern LivingErin and Ben Napier stand on the porch of their new home, as seen in the November 2022 issue of Southern Living magazine

When season 6 of “Home Town” returns on December 4 after a mid-season hiatus, the first new episode will feature the Napiers conducting their own home renovation, as they restore and update the 1930s Tudor they bought on the outskirts of Laurel, Mississippi.

Each episode of “Home Town” typically ends with the Napiers revealing all the details of their latest renovation to the homeowner they worked with, but they couldn’t reveal their own home to themselves. So they decided to film a big reveal with their mothers, keeping them away from the house until all of their updates were finished.

On the November 1 edition of the Biscuits & Jam podcast, the Napiers told host Sid Evans, editor-in-chief of Southern Living magazine, that the reveal didn’t go as expected because their moms had completely opposite reactions to their renovated country home. Erin said it unintentionally made for “one of the funniest” reveals they’ve ever done.

“Our moms are hilariously different from each other,” Erin explained.

The couple described Ben’s mom as a “conservative hippie” who’s so laid back she doesn’t stress about anything.

“Her moral compass, she’s pretty conservative,” he said, “but also she’s just kinda like ‘Haaa. You do you.”

Erin interjected, “And so, you know, she was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll come see it. That will be cool. That will be fun.’ And then my mom on the other hand was like, every single day, ‘Can you just send me a picture of just something?'”

The couple said Erin’s mom was constantly trying to sneak glimpses of their improvements and had a hard time waiting for the big reveal, suggesting reasons to come over and asking if she could just eat dinner on the porch and not go inside.

“So these were the two people we brought in to see it at the same time,” Erin sighed, saying their reactions couldn’t have been more different.

When the two moms entered the new home’s back door, which leads into a hallway lined with photographs of older relatives and ancestors, Erin said that Ben’s mom nonchalantly said, “Alright, this looks great,” while her mom, who has a similar setup at her house, immediately burst into tears because she was so touched by all the photos.

Erin then said, laughing, “We got them to the kitchen and my mom is crying again. And Ben’s mom was like, ‘I just…feel like it looks the same. It already looked like this, didn’t it?’ We’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, we literally took the entire kitchen out!'”

Ben then recalled, chuckling, “So she said, ‘That’s what I meant to say, is that it was pretty the way it was before.'”

Erin sarcastically added, “Okay, thanks.”

The Napiers Are Excited to Share Their Finished Country Home With Fans

Ben and Erin Napier's new kitchen

Larsen & Talbert / Southern LivingInside Ben and Erin Napier’s renovated kitchen at their new Mississippi home

The Napiers have given fans glimpses of their new country home on social media and in the November issue of Southern Living magazine, but are excited to finally show the full home on the show.

Though Ben’s mom may not have been impressed, one of Erin’s favorite rooms in the house is her new kitchen, which is much smaller than many of the kitchens they create for their clients. But the entire house intentionally has a cozy, English-cottage feel. So Erin wanted the kitchen to look like “downstairs at ‘Downton Abbey,'” she said.

“I wanted it to feel utilitarian but elegant,” she said on the Biscuits & Jam podcast. “It’s got that screen door that goes to this little patio. It’s tiny, but it’s just so perfect when the weather is nice. It’s just a very sunshiny little kitchen and I feel like you cook better in a sunshiny little kitchen.”

Erin continued, “We did Easter there and my mom came and she said, ‘I just enjoy cooking in
here,’ and I do too…the utility of it is exactly what I hoped it would be. It’s an easy-to-cook-in

The continuation of season 6 of “Home Town” kicks off December 4 at 8 pm Eastern. HGTV has also ordered a seventh season, which the Napiers began filming last week, with 20 more episodes scheduled to air in 2023.