First-Ever ‘House Hunters’ Throuple Reveals Whether They’re Still Together

throuple on hgtv

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube Geri, Lori and Brian -- the first throuple to appear on "House Hunters" in 2020

Four years after becoming the first — and only — throuple to be featured on HGTV‘s long-running hit series “House Hunters,” the threesome of Brian, Geli and Lori have provided a life update to kick off the sixth season of “House Hunters: Where Are They Now.”

The show’s April 2024 premiere revealed that the trio is still together and living with their two teen kids in the Colorado home they purchased on the show — but not without some challenges.

‘House Hunters’ Throuple Says Most of Their Neighbors Have Been Welcoming

In 2020, Brian, Lori and Geli appeared on an episode of “House Hunters” titled “Three’s Not a Crowd in Colorado Springs” as they searched for a home that could accommodate them and their kids. Their wish list included plenty of room for their family of five to work and play, a primary bathroom with three sinks and a bedroom big enough for a king-sized bed.

Though they didn’t find a three-sink vanity and haven’t renovated their bathroom to feature one, Lori and Geli said on the new episode that it’s worked out fine, since all three of them rarely need to get ready at the same time.

And though the house is big enough for all three of them have their own home offices on different floors of the house, Geli seemed a little disappointed that her space is in the basement.

“It’s alright, it’s okay,” she said with a nervous laugh.

Their big-enough bedroom, however, has been a huge benefit, they shared on the new episode.

“We have a king-size bed because anything smaller than that would just be torture,” Geli said.

Lori then explained, “I’m the one that sleeps in the middle, Geli is on the right and Brian is on the left.”

Though they’ve settled in and have made new friends in Colorado, the throuple did say not everyone has been welcoming.

“Someone up the street posted that, ‘Oh, the property value is going down now that there’s a throuple that moved into the neighborhood,'” Lori said.

“We make sure to say hi to them,” Geli quipped, and Lori added with a smirk, “We wave.”

“For families like us, we don’t get support everywhere we go, just because it’s a little bit awkward,” Brian said. “But at the same time, the people we have come across, the people we’ve met, the people we’ve welcomed into our house are just awesome.”

HGTV’s First-Ever ‘Throuple’ Juggle Parenting & Household Duties

The throuple’s unique relationship began as a marriage between Lori and Brian more than 20 years ago, according to a 2021 profile of the threesome in GQ. Since Lori was bisexual, they explained, Brian and she began attending Fantasy Fest, a 10-day street fair in Key West that’s popular with swingers, where they were able to explore ways to spice up their relationship.

After moving to San Antonio, the couple met Geli while at a gay bar and the three of them hit it off, per GQ. They held a commitment ceremony in 2019 and Geli has since become a second mom to their kids.

On their new “House Hunters: Where Are They Now” episode, they explained that their relationship has taken a bit of getting used to for their kids’ friends.

“Their friends came over, they met Geli,” Lori explained. “They came over a couple weeks later, they met me. Then they met Brian. And they’re like, ‘Huh. Okay.’ The kids are like, ‘Yeah, those are my parents.”

“It’s fun to see the looks on people’s faces when we mix and match,” Brian added.