Jonathan Scott & Zooey Deschanel Plan on ‘Forever’ With Latest Purchase

Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott

Getty Zooey Deschanel & Jonathan Scott attend the season 2 premiere of HBO's "WE'RE HERE."

Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel are embarking on their most personal renovation yet: creating their dream home.

“I’ve got some exciting almost New Years news…Zooey and I bought our OWN forever home!” the “Property Brothers” star wrote on Instagram. The 43-year-old revealed the couple’s journey will be documented in Drew + Jonathan Reveal, his magazine with his twin brother.

Scott wrote an essay for the publication’s next issue, explaining, “Eight months into our relationship, I already knew Zooey was the yin to my yang, the PB to my J. We were on parallel paths toward the happiness we’d been seeking our whole lives.”

The couple first met in 2019 while filming “Carpool Karaoke” with their famous siblings, Drew Scott and Emily Deschanel.

Only 2 Houses Fit the Couple’s Criteria

For Scott and Deschanel, 41, finding a house was no easy feat given their criteria.

While the HGTV star previously called Las Vegas home, according to People, Deschanel was looking to stay in her hometown of Los Angeles. According to his essay, she “loves” the town where “her parents still live in their childhood home.” And while introducing Scott to “the parks she went to growing up, the neighborhoods where she made memories with her closest friends,” he admitted to falling in love with the city as well.

But having grown up on a ranch, the “Brother vs. Brother” star wanted space, which is in short supply in the area.

One thing they did have in common was their love of old homes with “the intricate details, the wood floors, the vintage hardware,” the “Celebrity IOU” host continued. “We like a home that feels special and loved, with its own unique story.”

So the couple checked out the properties but remained non-commital. That was until they saw “a 1938 Georgia-style home designed by renowned architect Gerard Colcord.”

Deschanel’s Children Dubbed the Property ‘Park House’

Scott described the house as “magical,” but it was Deschanel’s children who dubbed the property “Park House” with its “lush lawn and massive California sycamores” making it look like a park, he wrote in his essay. The “New Girl” actress shares son Charlie and daughter Elsie with ex-husband Jacob Pechenik.

“And you know what happens when you name something, whether it’s a mangy stray dog or a beautiful home of your dreams? You keep it,” he wrote in the essay. “The next thing you know, Zooey and I owned the Park House.”

Though the renovation was not without its “hidden problems.”

“We have each other, and we have time—the rest of our lives together in this house,” Scott explained. “Our house. Our dream home, where we’ll see the kids grow up laughing and adventuring in the yard, where we’ll play host to friends and family.”

He added, “These days, things are moving—we’re getting closer. I can’t wait to finally show Zooey the finished project. I’m sure we’ll change a few things once we move in, swap some furniture. But overall I want it as close to her vision as possible because I know, like her, it will be beautiful, eclectic, and wonderfully unique.”

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