Drew & Jonathan Scott Say ‘No B.S. Policy’ Fuels Their Success

Jonathan and Drew Scott

Getty HGTV's Property Brothers Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott

Drew and Jonathan Scott say they face the same issues any siblings do. So how do they keep differences of opinion or sibling rivalry from impacting their home design and broadcast empire? The HGTV stars say they have a pretty simple strategy, which they call their “no B.S. policy.” In a new interview, the uber-successful duo shared how and why it works for them…

‘Property Brothers’ Reveal How Their ‘No B.S. Policy’ Works

Jonathan and Drew Scott

HGTVJonathan and Drew Scott star in HGTV’s “Property Brothers: Forever Home.”

In November 2022, the twins — best known as the “Property Brothers” — visited the Nebraska Furniture Mart in The Colony, a massive furniture store in the Dallas area that is now carrying the Scotts’ entire collection of home goods including furniture, rugs, mattresses, décor and home accessories.

As part of their appearance, they sat down with WFAA’s Kara Sewell to discuss their overarching brand, from TV shows to furniture. The twins said authenticity is key no matter what they’re working on.

“Your audience and the consumer can sniff out something that’s not authentic, and so you have to be authentic to your brand,” Jonathan said.

For the Scotts, that has meant honing in on three “pillars” that they’re committed to reflecting and enforcing in their work and on their teams.

Jonathan elaborated, “For us, the pillars are quality, you know, family is important to us, and making sure that we always stand by what we say we’re going to do, and that’s in our programs, that’s in the shows that we do, that’s also in our product.”

“We also call it, just in general in our company, we have our ‘no B.S. policy,'” Drew interjected. “That’s just how we were raised and that’s how we are. If there’s something that’s bugging us or we’re not agreeing on something, we just get it out and deal with it, move on.”

He continued, “Because we both know that we have our ideas, even if they’re different, we have the same common goals and we have the same, you know, good heart behind it. And so we just get it out and that way, nothing’s been rooted deep in negativity, we are able to just to continue to move forward.”

The Scott Brothers Make Time for Their Individual Passions

Drew Scott, Jonathan Scott

GettyThe Property Brothers Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott have fun with HGTV fans in 2018

Another key to the brothers’ success and contentment, Drew shared, is that they give each other space to explore pastimes beyond their work together as designers, producers, and content creators.

“One thing for us is we only do what we love,” Drew said. “And I think, you know, if you feel that you’re stuck doing something that you don’t love, you’re never going to feel fulfilled in life. So luckily, we’ve had each other support each other along the way. Anything that he’s been passionate about or I’ve been passionate about, we encourage each other to do it.”

“We’re real people too,” Drew continued. “People don’t just have one thing in life, people have different interests. So, acting is a big interest of mine,” Drew added, “and magic was an interest of Jonathan’s.”

Jonathan started studying magic as a kid, used to perform shows in Las Vegas, and is part of the Magic Castle, a members-only Hollywood dinner club devoted to the magical arts. At 19, Drew starred in the Canadian TV series “Breaker High,” which led to other small roles including on CW’s “Smallville” and Hallmark Channel‘s 2014 movie, “The Christmas Parade.”

Though the two love exploring their individual passions, Jonathan said they always come back to focusing on their main goals.

“You also have to find focus,” he said. “It’s okay to try different things…but making sure that you’re rooted in something that is focused is key.”