Are Home Depot & Lowe’s Open on Easter Sunday 2021?

Home Depot and Lowe's on Veterans Day.

Getty Home Depot and Lowe's on Veterans Day.

Are Home Depot and Lowe’s open for Easter 2021 today? If you need to pick up some supplies for a home or gardening project, you’ll likely be wondering if the stores near you are open. Well, we have good and bad news. Lowe’s will be closed today, but Home Depot is open.

Most Home Depot Stores Are Open for Easter

Many Home Depot stores will be open for Easter today. According to Home Depot’s website, the stores are only closed chain-wide for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The site notes: “On other holidays and during some seasonal or store events, store hours may vary. Please check store hours with your local store prior to visiting.”

A representative of Home Depot confirmed this information with Heavy, sharing that most stores would be open, but: “Customers should check with their local Home Depot as hours may vary by location.”

You can see a rundown of Home Depot’s Easter specials here.

A representative of Home Depot let Heavy know that this year, the store is focusing on DIY projects for spring.

This spring, The Home Depot is challenging ‘doers’ to tackle new, exciting DIY projects, while offering season-long savings across a variety of product categories in stores and online. Readers can find spring DIY project guides and deals at”

Home Depot stores are continuing to take precautions for the coronavirus pandemic. They’ve also expanded benefits to help alleviate the challenges of their employees, including more paid time off at any time (and even more PTO for associates at greater risk of COVID-19 that is paid out if not used.) They’re offering up to 14 days of paid time off for associates quarantined, and additional bonuses for associates, along with relaxed time-off policies.

Lowe’s Is Closed for Easter Today

For the second year in a row, Lowe’s is closed for Easter Sunday. A representative from Lowe’s confirmed with Heavy: “For the second year in a row, all of our stores will be closed on Easter Sunday to thank our associates for their commitment and to provide time for them to spend with their loved ones.”

This closure affects all stores in Canada and the United States.

Marvin R. Ellison, Lowe’s president and CEO, said in a statement: “As we near the one-year anniversary of the pandemic’s impact, we continue to recognize and thank our more than 300,000 associates who have demonstrated, again and again, their passion and commitment to serving our customers. Easter Sunday is an opportunity to spend time with loved ones. As we did last year, we’ll work to ensure associates have the opportunity to make up scheduled hours to avoid any loss in pay resulting from this well-deserved day away from work.”

Lowe’s is doing whatever it can to support its employees. In January, the chain announced a seventh bonus for hourly front-line employees, and the chain is hiring more than 50,000 seasonal and full-time associates.

Even though you can’t shop at Lowe’s for Easter, the store’s Easter specials are lasting through much of the month, a Lowe’s representative told Heavy. So you can still take advantage of them after Easter day. These include savings on major appliances through May 5, specials on gardening goods that are good in-sore through April 21, specials on outdoor essentials through April 21 or May 5, specials on home essentials that last through April 14, April 21, or April 28 depending on the special, and outdoor power equipment specials that are good through April 21. You’ll want to check Lowe’s website for details. You can also see Lowe’s weekly ad here.

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