‘Spies, Lies & Allies’ Cast React to Episode 15: ‘Roided Out Jealous Freak’

The Challenge Spies Lies and Allies

MTV The Challenge: Spies Lies and Allies

The 15th episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies,” was an explosive one and filled with excitement from start to finish. The physical challenge and fights between cast members made it an episode to remember, so naturally the cast members had a lot to say online when it aired.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the 15th episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies,” which aired on November 17 at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on MTV.

The episode, titled “The Cave of the Wolf,” featured a high-intensity and trash-talk-filled challenge called “Boom Raiders” that saw clear lines drawn between some of the competitors. An alliance between Ruby and Sapphire was exposed when Kyle Christie didn’t play along and led to Emerald and Ruby turning on each other as Sapphire snuck past for the win.

CT Tamburello and Kyle butted heads over Kyle’s apparent betrayal during the mission while the friendship between Tori Deal and Devin Walker suffered a huge blow as they fought hard for different sides in the challenge. The three-person Agency formed by Emy Alupei, Logan Sampedro and CT voted in Kyle for elimination and he chose to call out Josh Martinez over Emanuel Neagu, thinking the elimination would favor the Romanian rookie.

Kyle made the right decision as he was just able to edge out Josh and remain in the game, sending the “Big Brother” star packing shortly before the final challenge. True to his word, Kyle chose to return to his spot on Sapphire, sending Logan back to the Ruby cell. There was a lot going on in the episode so it’s no surprise the cast members shared their thoughts online.

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The Cast Reacted to the Failed Alliance Between Ruby and Sapphire & the Physical Challenge

The cast returned to the house after Amanda Garcia infiltrated Tori’s spot on Emerald, sending her to Ruby. As the Emerald team were discussing welcoming Amanda with open arms, she tweeted, “ITS GUYS WEEK BETTER BE NIIIIICEEEEEE.” They referred to her as a dishwasher instead of a cook and Amanda tweeted, “Dude I love dishwashers. it’s such a great time and energy saving appliance. Thank you.”

Amanda also had a lot to say about Tori joining Ruby and plotting to go against Emerald. First, she called out Tori for dressing all in red, tweeting, “She’s in all red trying to copy me the week before when I was in all green for emerald. Loser,” with the yawning emoji. Amanda then added, “It’s guys week and she’s plotting against her ‘bf’ and her two ‘best friends’. FAKE.”

As the physical challenge started, Fessy Shafaat wrote, “So Tj really gonna wait till I’m gone to pull out this daily.” Corey Lay reacted, “Mmm this mission looks fun as hell.” During the episode, Tori laughed at Amanda in her confessional for jumping out of the trenches to avoid a collision with her, causing Amanda to react, “The point is to get the dynamite you roided out jealous freak. Sorry you wish you could tackle me…..maybe in your dreams.”

Michele Fitzgerald wrote, “Emy is savageeeee.” As the competitors were calling each other out, Fessy wrote, “OKAY @JOSHMBB19 talk your s***.” Nelson joked, “Did they just make song about Ruby team on how bad we suck.” Amanda laughed at Tori getting hit by Kaycee, saying, “DONT F*** WITH KAYCEE HAHAHAHAHA B**** YOU GOT ROCKED HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Michele wrote, “Nelson has so much heart for this game.” Fessy posted:

There Were Some Strong Reactions to the Arguments Between Vets in the House & the Elimination

Amanda had a lot of comments about Tori and when the new Ruby player had an emotional conversation with Devin as he accused her of being selfish and betraying them, Amanda tweeted, “I’d cry if I was fake and got exposed too hahahaha.” Fessy wrote, “It’s refreshing to see drama I’m not involved in.”

Devin tweeted, “Allll I’m saying is if there’s 2 teams to take from maybe don’t take from the team with your entire alliance on it.” Corey joked that he wanted to get a pair of “Fessy socks” as well as Josh pulled his on. Fessy tweeted, “My socks getting more airtime then some of these challengers.”

Devin wrote, “Do I get to use the ‘I’m doing what’s best for my game’ line too? I do? Okay well answer any questions you have with that.” As Emanuel said in his confessional that he thought Kyle was too afraid of him to choose him for elimination, Amanda tweeted, “Kyle afraid of Emanuel???? HAHAHAHAHAHA OK TELL ANOTHER JOKE CLOWNNNN.”

Fessy reacted to the result of the elimination, writing, “Damn proud of y’all both. Hell of a season josh. Continue to grow. And Kyle you may be an elimination beast after all. I know you enjoyed that moment.”

Josh had some final words to his supporters and indicated that he’d like to come back again in the future.

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