Crystal Kung Minkoff Says RHOBH Co-Star Held Up Reunion Filming 2 Hours

RHOBH Season 13 cast

Heavy/Getty RHOBH Season 13 cast

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars may have started their season 13 reunion off on the wrong note, and in a March 1 interview clip from SiriusXM’s “Jeff Lewis Live”, Crystal Kung Minkoff explained why.

“This is what really pissed me off,” Minkoff said to Lewis and fellow guest Cynthia Bailey. “We had to wait 2 hours for [Dorit Kemsley] to get ready. Me and Sutton were outside, we were just waiting and waiting. Sutton texted me, she was so mad because we saw Dorit was posting all these TikTok videos of ‘getting ready’ and we’re like ‘That’s what she’s been [doing?]’ We got there at 5:30 and then we didn’t sit down until 10 or something. We were so annoyed.”

Dorit Kemsley Had to Be Sewn Into Her Reunion Dress

Lewis pointed out that he noticed Kemsley’s late arrival to the reunion, saying, “You guys were all sitting on the stage and she was the last one to sit down. And also you could hear Andy, he said, ‘I’m so glad I got here at 8:30 and she’s not ready,’ and they’re literally sewing it on her.”

“Look, if she has a wardrobe malfunction, I get that,” Minkoff added. “But then we were watching all these videos of her playing around in there, I was like ‘Ugh.’ It’s rude. I’d rather sleep in or take my kids to school. I don’t want to leave at 5.”

Fans saw this moment play out on the RHOBH reunion part 1, which aired on Wednesday, February 28 on Bravo. Kemsley was seen getting an IV ahead of the taping while she spoke in her room to Erika Jayne. During this chat, Kemsley leaked a text message Kyle Richards had sent to her the day before, calling the text (which mentioned not wanting to talk through all of their issues on camera at that reunion) “manipulative” and “calculated.”

The episode then showed Kemsley standing outside in the sun reading something and taking a sip of water while her team bent over and sewed her dress shut at the side. Cohen’s exact quote was “I’m so glad I got here at 8:15 while we wait for Dorit’s dress to be sewed,” with Sutton Stracke replying, “I think we should just start.”

Lewis had Minkoff clarify that not everybody else was perfectly timely, but as she said, “Everyone’s always delayed, like 30 minutes which is normal. They didn’t make us sit on the couch the whole time, but we were sitting in our dressing rooms, like ‘Hold on, hold on.'”

Fans Called Out Dorit Kemsley’s Tardiness

Kemsley posted one of her TikTok videos from reunion day to Instagram on February 28, and fans clocked the RHOBH star’s lateness in the comment section. The video was a lip-sync homage to one of the climactic scenes of the movie “Mean Girls”, with Kemsley portraying both roles in the scene.

“This what you was doing when everyone was waiting for you to start filming?????” one fan commented.

“Is this why you were fashionably late to set hahahah 😂,” another fan added.

Kemsley previously caught heat on RHOBH for being late to group events while she was busy doing glam and doing photo shoots for social media. Fans will have to wait for Reunion Part Two to air on March 6 at 8 p.m. Eastern to see if Kemsley holds up the proceedings any longer.

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