Erika Jayne Slams ‘Clown Ass’ Attorney Ronald Richards as Legal Issues Mount

Getty Images Erika Jayne.

Erika Jayne Girardi had some choice words to call attorney Ronald Richards, who has been digging up all kinds of dirt on some of the “Housewives” stars, including Lisa Rinna and Jennifer Shah, and tweeting out his findings.

Richards is the prosecutor in one of Erika Jayne’s legal cases, according to Screen Rant. She is being investigated after claims she and her soon-to-be ex-husband Tom Girardi embezzled money. Richards is “the lawyer representing the trustee in the Chapter 7 bankruptcy charges,” according to the report.

The trustee in the case has filed a $25 million lawsuit against Erika Jayne, according to Radar Online. “In the court documents, the trustee says Girardi has transferred money and assets to her in an attempt to hide them from his creditors. Earlier this year, the once-respected lawyer was pushed into Chapter 7 bankruptcy by his creditors,” the outlet reports.

Erika Jayne has taken to Twitter to slam Richards, according to Page Six. As the site points out, Erika did not name Richards, nor did she “at” his Twitter handle, but she did respond to a tweet that did.

Here’s what you need to know:

Erika Jayne Called the Lawyer a ‘Clown Ass’ & ‘Low Budget at Best’

Erika Jayne’s July 18, 2021, Twitter rant, of sorts, seemed to start after she read and retweeted a post that called out Richards. “There are 2 types of lawyers. Legal eagles and bottom feeders. The ass Clown face is the latter F*ck Ronnie McDonald and his slimy, lying, fake ass internet JSD. [Love] You,” the tweet read.

Erika then uploaded a GIF of “The Joker” clapping his hands, adding the caption, “Clown ass.” She went on to tweet, “Apparently anyone can be a ‘lawyer,'” before writing, “You picked the wrong b*tch,” with a GIF of Nancy Pelosi clapping.

Erika then retweeted another message from a Twitter user that read, “I don’t know what mobster would ever find him qualified enough to provide them with representation?! He seems to be a low budget lawyer!” Erika added, “Low budget at best. He’s already complaining he has to spend his own money on this case. #hesinitforthemoney. Don’t be fooled.”

Erika ended the night with a GIF of Denzel Washington saying “boom.”

Erika Jayne’s Tweets Come After Richards Called out Lisa Rinna

Richards has been fairly active on Twitter lately, calling out various “Housewives” and posting things about the Girardi case as well. In fact, he sent out a tweet about some findings on Lisa Rinna just before Erika slammed him on Twitter.

“We did a surface dive on Rinna, so far, same business manager, large debt on home. Wonder what else we would find but we will leave at that. @TheRealCamilleG, don’t be intimidated,” he tweeted, including a link to the Page Six article reporting that Rinna called Camille Grammer an “a**hole” on Twitter.

Given the fact that Erika and Lisa Rinna are such great friends, the fact that she chose to tweet about him after he posted this is actually no surprise at all.

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