RHONY Star Breaks Silence on Cheating Rumors

Bravo Dorinda Medley and Luann de Lesseps

The Real Housewives of New York City cast just got a little more single. Original cast member Luann de Lesseps has called it quits with her boyfriend, but she’s still got his back.

De Lesseps announced in November 2020 that she has been dating a Hamptons trainer named Garth Wakeford. The blonde hottie even makes his reality tv debut in the trailer. “Meet Garth,” de Lesseps tells the group as she introduces him to them.

Cheating rumors circulated earlier this month when the celebrity gossip account Deux Moi claimed that Wakeford was cheating on de Lesseps with a Hamptons local, “on the side.”

But de Lesseps has assured fans that he is free to do what he likes now, and she’s cool about it. “Garth and I stopped dating before the holidays and I only wish him well,” she told Page Six on April 2.

Wakeford himself also addressed his cheating allegations. “Regarding this girl, we have no relationship,” he told Page Six. “She came to my exercise class once. We follow each other in Instagram and that is it.”

The Two Met in an Unlikely Way

De Lesseps and Wakeford first met in August 2020, shortly before the RHONY ladies began filming. As for how the two met, it certainly wasn’t a black tie event. They originally met via the popular dating app, Hinge.

While the two are no longer happily dating, at one point, de Lesseps seemed quite smitten with the South African hottie.

“He lives locally in the Hamptons,” she shared on an episode of the Ex Appeal podcast in November. She added that when she first saw him on Hinge, she thought, “Oh, he is too good to be true.”

She decided to meet up with him and her worries vanished. “I said, ‘Oh, my God! He’s exactly what he looks like on the app,'” she joked. “He’s tall, he’s handsome, he looks like a Viking.”

Wakeford Might Bring up Unresolved Issues Between de Lesseps & Another RHONY Star

RHONY fans can sure hope that the breakup will play out onscreen. But even if it doesn’t, a friendship breakup may be on the way. Fellow cast member Sonja Morgan may be over de Lesseps’s new man. “Garth, Garth, Garth, it’s always Garth,” Morgan complains after de Lesseps answers his call at a group dinner, as seen in the RHONY season 13 trailer.

RHONY viewers have witnessed many of the ladies get their hearts broken, and for some, to the same men. Prior to dating Wakeford, de Lesseps dated and then married Tom D’Agostino. The relationship caused quite a bit of drama, as Morgan claimed that she dated D’Agostino first. Even though D’Agostino and de Lesseps divorced after seven months, the tension between the two bffs may not be totally over.

Morgan and de Lesseps are on a bus for a cast trip when a disagreement escalates. “He was my guy, he was never your guy,” de Lesseps screams at Morgan, to which Morgan cries back, “Yes he was, and a couple of my other guys too.”

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