Some Fans Want This RHONJ Star to Be Fired Before Season 13

Melissa Gorga, Traci Johnson, Jackie Goldschneider, Teresa Giudice

Bravo Fans are unhappy with one member of the RHONJ cast.

Season 12 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is drawing to a close, and fans are already looking ahead to the reunion, which was filmed in March 2022.

This season, Bravo introduced a new “friend of” to the series, bringing on Traci Johnson to join the ladies on their drama-filled dinners, parties, and trips. However, fans haven’t taken a liking to Johnson, and many are hoping that she won’t be part of the cast for another season.

While the network has yet to make any announcement about the future of the franchise, there have been some rumors that the full time cast will be returning — though it’s unclear if Johnson will be brought back, fired, or replaced.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Blind Claims the Full Time Cast Will all Be Returning for Season 13

On April 6, 2022, a blind published by Bravo and Cocktails claimed that all of the RHONJ stars would be back for another season. However, the anonymous source was sure to specify that the “full time ladies” would be returning — and didn’t make mention of Johnson.

“Rumor has it everyone’s favorite Garden state show will keep the same full time ladies next season. A couple women managed to save themselves at the reunion,” the blind read. The source went on to say that producers may be shaking things up when it comes to the “friend of” roles.

“We’re also hearing they are trying out a couple of friends, one from each ‘side,’ maybe they’ll work but try as they might they haven’t found good full time ladies in a few years now. The ratings, they speak for themselves, they’ve learned from RHONY and OC, don’t mess up a good thing,” the blind continued.

On April 13, 2022, another blind was published by Bravo and Cocktails. This time, a source claimed that filming for season 13 would start in June 2022, but “no contracts” have been signed just yet. The source added that there are two women — a friend of Margaret Josephs and one Teresa Giudice — that are being vetted to come on in part-time roles.

Fans Took to Reddit to Express Their Disapproval of Johnson

A Reddit thread asking Bravo to “please get rid of Traci Johnson” was started on April 12, 2022. Several RHONJ fans commented on the thread, many expressing similar feelings about Johnson.

“She is ruining this series for me, honestly so desperate and thirsty and her 10 minutes really are up. Please and thank you Andy,” the original poster commented.

“She has the personality of a sack of potatoes. None,” a second person added.

“Such a dud, but she is Melissa’s friend, who I guess taught her to let the husband do all the heavy lifting,” someone else wrote.

“I’ll never respect her for what she did to Tiki’s ex wife (not excusing Tiki, he sucks ass for his role too). Plus she is so damn boring! She seems like a total pick me girl,” a fourth comment read.

In another Reddit thread started on April 14, 2022, similar comments were written.

Interestingly, some people don’t care for Johnson one way or the other, and seem to understand that it’s her first season. While the majority of fans admit that she’s “boring,” several Redditors don’t think she needs to be fired by the network.

“She doesn’t add much, but she doesn’t bother me either. I think there needs to be a more ‘bland’ HW on every franchise…sort of as a foil,” one Reddit user commented.

“I am not mad about her, there are way worse but she is pretty forgetable,” added another.

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