‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5 Episode 1: What Happened to Space Beth?

Space Beth

Adult Swim Space Beth

Although “Rick and Morty” viewers loved the season 5 episode 1 on Adult Swim, there’s one question from the episode that has been bugging fans. What happened to Space Beth? After the way season 4 ended, many viewers were expecting to see Space Beth again in the premiere. Although she was noticeably absent, she was mentioned in the promo for next week’s episode.

Space Beth & Beth Decided They Would Both be Part of the Family

When season 4 ended, Space Beth and Beth decided that they didn’t want to know which one of them was the clone and which one was the original Beth. Instead, they decided that they had more important things to focus on, liking raising their kids and stamping out the federation.

Morty and Summer also commented about how they were excited to have two mothers. In the end, no one was interested in finding out the truth from Rick about which Beth was the original Beth.

When Rick was left alone, where we learned that he arranged it so that even he wouldn’t know who the real Beth was. He revived the remains of Birdperson so they could chat, but Birdperson still hated Rick, so he had to put him back to sleep right away.

The episode ended with Rick alone, but with the idea that both Space Beth and Beth were going to remain in their family’s lives and raise the kids together.

Fans Are Wondering If We Aren’t Seeing C-137 Rick and Morty

Because of how season 4 ended, many viewers had expected to see Space Beth in the season 5 premiere too. But not only was she nowhere to be seen, she wasn’t even mentioned. Beth and Jerry were happy together and in a really good place, but Space Beth wasn’t brought up by anyone in the family.

This has led some fans to wonder if maybe the premiere was in a different dimension and not C-137.

However, some fans say that the mention of visiting Atlantis is a clear indication that we are in the C-137 dimension. It’s possible that we will never know for certain, one way or another, unless Space Beth appears in another episode one day.

The Promo for Episode 2 Mentions Cloning

[adult swim] – Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 2 Space PromoSwimpedia claims no rights to the audio and visuals used in the video above. Please refer to Adult Swim, a subsidiary of WarnerMedia, for the ownership of said content. Episode Title: Mortyplicity Twitter: twitter.com/swimpedia2021-06-21T03:36:20Z

The promo for episode 2 hints that we will likely learn more about what Space Beth is up to next week. The promo has Rick saying that “after that trouble with Space Beth, I made passable copies of the family and placed them around the country as a buffer zone to protect…”

Rick’s line is odd, considering what happened with Space Beth in the season 4 finale. Beth and Space Beth ended up getting along and the entire family decided to be one family unit with Space Beth. So Rick referencing the “trouble with Space Beth” necessitating an extreme measure to protect everyone seems odd. Is it possible that Rick took away their memories of the last encounter with Space Beth? Or could this be another sign that they aren’t in C-137?

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