How to Stream Tidal Hifi Plus

tidal hifi plus

With so many music streaming platforms clamoring to be number one, it can be hard to decide which one is really worth your money. One service that has unbeatable audio quality and an impressive library of music and video that spans every genre is Tidal, formerly owned by Jay-z. 

Whether you’ve never heard of Tidal before or you’re already signed up with a basic plan, keep reading to find out why people are switching to Tidal Hifi Plus and how to make the change yourself. 

How to Get Tidal Hifi Plus

Setting up a Tidal account is simple and can be done in just a few easy steps. All you have to do to get started is visit, pick your plan, and fill out some basic information. 

It’s even easier if you already have a Tidal account. To upgrade your current Tidal plan to a Hifi Plus plan, just visit your account settings and click on Subscription, and then choose Upgrade. 

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What Is Tidal Hifi Plus?

Tidal Hifi Plus is Tidal’s premium, third-tier plan, after the Free and Hifi plans. With Tidal Hifi Plus, you can listen offline, without ads, and with unlimited skips, meaning you can listen to exactly what you want when you want. And with Tidal Connect, you can listen losslessly on all of your devices. 

Compared to Tidal’s other plans (and most plans on other streaming platforms), Tidal Hifi Plus has the most features and benefits for both music lovers and artists at a reasonable price. 

What’s Included with Tidal Hifi Plus?

Whether you’re a hip-hop head, K-pop stan, or diehard rocker, Tidal Hifi Plus has everything that you could ask for from a music streaming platform. Once you realize all that Tidal Hifi Plus has to offer, the $19.99 per month price tag seems like a steal. Below are a few of the top features of a Tidal Hifi Plus plan. 

Access to the Entire Music and Video Catalog 

A Tidal Hifi Plus plan gives you full access to the entire Tidal catalog, whether you’re online or offline, so you can have your favorite bops queued up wherever you go. And with a vast library of over 80 million songs, you’ll never run out of new music to discover. 

Unlike most streaming platforms, Tidal offers an expansive collection of both music and videos to stay connected with your favorite artists. With a Tidal Hifi Plus plan, you also have hundreds of hours of entertainment at your fingertips with the large library of Tidal originals hosted by and centered around today’s top artists. 

Without a Tidal Hifi Plus plan, you are missing out on quality content that shines a light on some of today’s biggest artists in a uniquely intimate way.  

Innovative Audio Formats

tidal hifi plus master quality

With cutting-edge audio technology to create an immersive music listening experience, Tidal Hifi Plus is ideal for audiophiles who crave more from their streaming services.

Digital music files are infamous for compressing music and damaging the quality of the sound. But with Tidal Hifi Plus, every note is preserved and played in crisp, rich definition using Master Quality audio, Dolby Atmos, and Sony 360 Reality Audio. The quality far surpasses other streaming platforms to allow you to experience your favorite songs in a radically new way, exactly as the artist intended. 

Although the Tidal Hifi plan has excellent sound quality, only the Hifi Plus plan gives you access to these innovative audio formats. 

Stream at up to 9216 kbps and in Master Quality only with Tidal HiFi Plus.

Playlists Curated by Experts

Whether you want to discover new music or indulge in timeless favorites, you can do it with Tidal’s many playlists. No matter what kind of mood you’re in, Tidal Hifi Plus has an expertly curated playlist ready to take you on an adventure. 

If you’re a hip-hop head like me, check out my playlist of The Classics (Hip Hop).

Better Benefits for Your Favorite Artists

What sets Tidal apart from most other streaming platforms is that they actually care about artists and support innovation. Up to 10% of every Hifi Plus membership goes directly to your most loved artists, and with fan-centered royalties, your streaming has a direct impact on the artists you listen to. 

Additionally, between handpicked playlists, live streams, and other special events, fans can connect with their favorite artists like never before.

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How much is Tidal HiFi Plus?

After the 30-day free trial, your Tidal HiFi Plus subscription will cost you $19.99/month.

Is Tidal HiFi Plus Worth It?

For most people, signing up for a Tidal Hifi Plus plan is well worth the money. In 2019, Americans spent, on average, just under 27 hours listening to music every week, or about four hours per day. If you are listening to the radio, not only do you have no control over what comes on but you also spend up to a quarter of that time listening to advertisements instead of music. 

When comparing plans offered by other streaming platforms, the added royalties and support for artists seal the deal in favor of Tidal Hifi Plus. If you want to support your favorite artists while listening to their music in the best format available, Tidal Hifi Plus is a no-brainer. 

Tidal also offers special discounts for college and high school students, active military members and veterans, and first responders. This means the already affordable monthly price could be slashed by up to 50% for those who qualify. 

The only time it wouldn’t make sense to get a Tidal Hifi Plus plan is if you only listened to music for a couple of hours each month. 

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