Is Taco Bell Open or Closed on Labor Day 2021?

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If you’re craving tacos or burritos on Labor Day 2021, can you stop by Taco Bell for lunch or dinner? The good news is that most Taco Bell locations will be open for Labor Day on Monday, September 6 this year. However, you’ll want to check with your local store near you first before heading over.

Most Taco Bell Locations Are Open for Labor Day But Hours Can Vary

Most Taco Bell locations will indeed be open for Labor Day 2021 this year. So if you want to stop by your local Taco Ball near you, then it most likely will be open. However, a representative of Taco Bell confirmed with Heavy that hours can vary by location for some holidays, so it’s best to check ahead and make sure the location near you is open.

You can check your local Taco Bell’s hours of operation at this link before stopping by. Or go here to see a full list of locations per state.

According to Taco Bell’s website, the chain is open for Labor Day. The only holidays that Taco Bell tends to be closed chainwide are Christmas Day (with hours varying on Christmas Eve) and Thanksgiving.

Taco Bell Specials & Promotions

Taco Bell has a number of specials and promotions right now. In fact, the chain’s new limited-time offer specials just kicked off a few days ago. Right now, you can get a crispy chicken sandwich or a spicy crispy chicken sandwich from Taco Bell. The store also has a Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco Box and a Chalupa Cravings Box.

Taco Bell’s website says about the crispy chicken sandwich:

The only thing the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco has in common with said sandwiches is the name. We went sans sandwich and full-on taco to take things to the next level. Because, honestly, putting chicken between two slices of bread just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Our approach? Game-changing. We took crispy, white-meat chicken. Marinated it in jalapeño buttermilk. Seasoned it with bold Mexican spices. Rolled it in a crunchy, tortilla-chip coating. Topped it with creamy chipotle sauce. And put it inside a puffy flatbread shell because we could. Thus, the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco was born. Hatched? You get the idea.

According to Taco Bell’s menu, the chain also has a number of online exclusives, including a Quesarito, a Black Bean Quesarito, and a Black Bean chalupa. For a limited time, Taco Bell is also offering a wild strawberry lemonade freeze and a blue raspberry lemonade freeze. Of course, all your favorites are still available, like crispy tacos, burritos, and more.

You’ll also get a free cheese quesadilla just for joining Taco Bell Rewards on your app. You’ll get free rewards, exclusive offers, bonus point challenges, and a free birthday gift. When you use Taco Bell Rewards, you’ll earn points every time you order online, at the Taco Bell kiosk, through the app, or if you scan your receipt in the store. For every $1 you spend, you’ll earn 10 points and you’ll qualify for a new reward with every 250 points earned. The more points you earn, the better the rewards too.

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