Catelynn Baltierra on What She Wants to Share With Carly

Catelynn Baltierra

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Catelynn Baltierra doesn't watch herself on reality TV, but she would make an exception for her eldest daughter, Carly.

Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Baltierra doesn’t watch herself on reality TV, but she would make an exception for her eldest daughter, Carly. She and her husband Tyler Baltierra placed their daughter for adoption in 2009 when they were 16 years old. Even though they relinquished their parental rights, Tyler and Catelynn have continued to love and talk about their first child.

In fact, Catelynn would be willing to watch her episode of 16 & Pregnant with Carly when she’s an adult, even though Catelynn and Tyler decided they wouldn’t watch themselves on reality TV. The Michigan natives have been on reality TV for more than 10 years.

“When I am older and Carly is in her 20s or 30s, I’m blessed to be able to have a copy of my 16 and Pregnant episode that I can show her to… I mean, right there is like, I don’t even have to say too much,” Catelynn said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight Online. “We can watch it. Then I can answer questions that she has because it was so 100 percent real. I still haven’t been able to watch my 16 and Pregnant. I can’t do it.”

The couple doesn’t like to watch their segments because they’re afraid they might be influenced by others’ opinions. “I think some things are painful, obviously there’s a lot of joy too, but I think also when you start to constantly watch yourself all the time then you will want to start tweaking things about yourself also,” she said. “I would rather just be 100 percent authentic because that’s how people connect.”

Catelynn Was Accused of Using Carly for ‘Clickbait”

Using her for click bait. Shocker. (I didn’t click it and I covered her face, just in case) from TeenMomOGandTeenMom2

To promote her new interview Catelynn shared a picture of herself and Tyler holding Carly when she was a baby. For the caption, she wrote, “💔 news about Carly 😢 #LinkInBio,” and dismantled the comments.

Some Redditors weren’t pleased with Catelynn’s social media activity. “Using her for clickbait. Shocker. (I didn’t click it and I covered her face, just in case),” the original poster wrote.

“She’s posted this kind of disgusting clickbait about Carly before. So f***ing gross,” one person said.

Another added: “Is this a new low? This is pretty low.”

“This is beyond disgusting. They have their own children now. How can they find this even remotely acceptable? They’re no different than their own nasty parents,” a third commenter wrote.

Catelynn Is Pregnant With Baby No. 4 After Two Miscarriages

Tyler and Catelynn haven’t been shy about wanting to add a baby boy to their family. The couple decided they would try to have a fourth baby, but they discovered they would be welcoming a little girl into their home.

Catelynn has previously been open about experiencing two miscarriages, something she said was important to talk about.

“We are all in this together and everyone experiences pain, loss, and the recovery from it and I am still in the thick of dealing with this loss as it was recent and all the emotional trauma that follows such a loss in an already horrifically hard year,” she wrote in December. “Thank you in advance for your prayers, love, and support.”

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