Farrah Abraham’s New Selfie Has ‘Teen Mom’ Fans Concerned: ‘This Is Just Unfortunate’

Farrah Abraham

Getty Farrah Abraham attends an event in Hollywood.

“Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham is getting ready for the holidays, and she is sharing bits of the process via her Instagram stories. She gave her followers a glimpse into her holiday aesthetic, but Abraham’s current personal look distracted many fans.

Here’s what you need to know:

Farrah Abraham Was Excited to Have Some Christmas Decorating Done

On November 10, Abraham shared a photo on her Instagram stories showing the results of her holiday decorating efforts. She pointed behind her as she snapped a selfie to show off her tall, decorated Christmas tree. The tall tree was white, and it was decorated with white and red bulbs. The room where Abraham had the tree seemed to be filled with light, with tall windows and white walls, so the tree certainly fit right in. “When your done decorating your X-mad tree this year whew (sic),” Abraham added in text over the selfie.

Abraham’s selfie was shared in the “Teen Mom” Reddit sub and garnered nearly 250 comments. Unfortunately for Abraham, many of the commenters focused on how much the “Teen Mom” star’s look has changed since her early days of reality television. The new selfie featured Abraham with dyed blonde hair that tumbled over her shoulders and a fairly heavily tanned look. Her lips were quite plump, and she appeared to go pretty light on the makeup. Overall, her features looked far less natural in this photo than they have in the past. Some “Teen Mom” fans even wondered if she had used a filter on the photograph to distort her features, although that did not appear to be the case.

‘Teen Mom’ Fans Voiced Concern Over Abraham’s Current Look

Some “Teen Mom” fans noted they had not seen photos of Abraham in a while, and her current look rattled them a bit. A few made comparisons to movie characters, and some simply expressed their shock at the selfie. Others referenced her earlier looks and thought the extreme changes over the past few years have been simply too much.

“She was a beautiful woman before she found whatever Drs continue to say yes to more,” one “Teen Mom” Redditor wrote.

“More and more cat face every year,” snarked another show fan.

“Holyyyyy sh*t this is really sad. Like it makes me feel so bad for her and how she must feel about herself. And she’s only what, 30?” someone else detailed.

“I think she’s in such denial that she doesn’t see what we all see. She thinks it’s a enhancement vs destroying. It’s sad,” suggested another “Teen Mom” fan.

“I’m not against plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures, but this is just unfortunate,” added someone else.

Plenty of the comments from Redditors on the “Teen Mom” sub were snarky about Abraham’s look, but many others voiced concern over how much cosmetic work she has done. A few wondered how Abraham’s view of herself affects her daughter Sophia, who is now a teenager. Some commenters admitted they would not have even realized the photo was of Abraham had it not been noted in the sub.

“Yikes, this pic shows so much sadness on what’s supposed to be a holly jolly selfie,” exclaimed another “Teen Mom” fan.