Fans Blast Farrah Abraham Post About Daughter Sophia: ‘This Will End Badly’

Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia

Getty Farrah Abraham and her daughter Sophia attend an event together.

“Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham is facing intense criticism for sharing her daughter’s mental health issues on social media, with some fans accusing Abraham of “exploiting” the teen.

On January 30, 2023, Abraham, 31, shared a video on her Instagram stories that was originally posted on the Instagram feed of Amen Clinics.

“New Scan My Brain Episode with @sophialabraham Goes Live Tomorrow,” the caption of the clinic’s post read. Abraham commented on the post, “Excited for Sophia’s 6 month check in! So excited.”

The Instagram video focused on the 13-year-old’s struggles with depression, which Sophia said began when she was about eight years old. The “episode” detailing the session with the “Teen Mom” star and her daughter was slated to “premiere” at noon on Tuesday. Fans expressed outrage that sensitive information about a minor was being offered up as entertainment.

Here’s what you need to know:

‘Teen Mom’ Fans Did Not Hold Back

Fans who objected to Abraham publicizing Sophia’s mental health struggles didn’t mince words.

“Nothing exciting about exploiting a child who repeatedly says she does NOT want to be on camera or exposed all over the web,” one person commented on the Amen Clinic post. “Begging her mom not to embarass (sic) her with overexposure but she does it anyway because narcissism.” The commenter included the hashtag “save Sophia”.

“Does anyone ever consider that it’s all her mother’s doing… What she has is a mother who has prevented her from living a normal childhood. What she has is a mother who wants attention and will do anything she can, including at the best interests of her daughter, to get it. This poor child should have been saved a long time ago,” another fan wrote.

Abraham’s post was shared in the “Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2” subreddit, where it generated significant commentary.

“Sometimes I feel like such a bad mom. A total failure. Like I shouldn’t have kids, I’m so bad. But then I remember this walking cartoon is a mom and I’m definitely better than her,” a Reddit user wrote.

“Honestly: denying a child their privacy should be a worldwide crime and send you straight to mandatory parenting classes ASAP,” wrote another.

“Imagine knowing your child is having mental health troubles and not only insisting on filming it but posting it online for thousands of strangers to witness… It’s her story to tell when she’s ready, not when Farrah wants a fresh round of sympathy and back pats for pretending to have Sophia’s best interests at heart,” one fan wrote.

“This will end badly. That poor child has seen far too much for 14,” wrote another “Teen Mom” viewer.

“Poor kid having her mental health monetized as well. Farrah is and always has been a terrible mother,” someone else wrote.

Abraham has often faced criticism for her parenting choices. In June 2021, fans called the adult film star “disgusting” for allowing Sophia, then 12, to pose with a Modern Fertility pregnancy test in a photo posted on Instagram, The Sun reported.

In February 2022, fans called out Abraham again for allowing Sophia to wear heavy makeup and a miniskirt on her 13th birthday. That same month, Abraham defended her decision to allow Sophia to get her septum pierced, People reported.

Farrah Abraham Has Struggled With Mental Health Issues

Abraham’s own mental health struggles have often played out in the public eye.

In March 2022, the former “16 & Pregnant” star announced in an Instragram video that she would be taking time off to seek treatment at a trauma center for help recovering from a sexual assault.

“I just wanted to share and be open, since that’s what I hear so many say, no one really shares their care for themselves or mental health,” Abraham said in the video. “And I would say our healing is a true way of showing our wealth and our success.”

In January 2022, Abraham and friend Gabbie Hannah announced their new podcast, “Mental: Monthly Mental Health Podcast by Farrah Abraham and Gabbie Hannah.” In the YouTube description for the podcast, Abraham promised to post a new “Mental” episode “every second Monday” of the month. However, no additional episodes were ever posted to the channel.

In response to Abraham and Hannah’s “Mental” podcast debut, one YouTuber posted a video expressing concern that the “problematic” podcast hosts would cause more harm than good in the mental health community.

“Lol the podcast has already been cancelled,” one viewer posted in the comments.

“It’s not shocking at all that it was cancelled before it lifted off the ground,” another viewer wrote, adding that Abraham and Hannah were “deluded.”

In March 2018, In Touch Weekly reported that Abraham’s mother, “Teen Mom OG” star Debra Danielson, said she suspected her daughter suffered from borderline personality disorder and narcissism.