Kailyn Lowry Shows Off New Hair After Salon Trip

Kailyn Lowry

MTVs Teen Mom / YouTube Kailyn Lowry

Former “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry took her fans with her to the salon as she showed off her fresh haircut in a series of new TikTok videos.

“Okay it was supposed to be wash day, but I’m getting my hair done by Taylor [Kline] instead, so come with me to fix the mop,” Lowry said to open a March 10 post. Lowry’s video then becomes a montage of her trip to her salon, GEM Beauty Co, featuring her with a glass of wine and foils in her hair while Kline added more highlights, trimmed, and styled Lowry’s hair. Lowry was very excited about the results, spinning around and screaming with joy.

Kailyn Lowry Showed Off Her ‘Upside Down Smile’ While Getting Her Hair Done

Many of Lowry’s followers took to her comment section to compliment her new hair look, with one follower going beyond her hair to write, “🥰 you seem so genuinely happy like I dont think I ever seen you so happy since I started following you on [’16 and Pregnant’]. I’m so happy for you,” to which Lowry responded “😭 😭 😭 thank you [I love you]”.

In addition to showing off the process and final product, Lowry shared another TikTok video during her time at the salon. After a fan tagged Lowry in a TikTok video about having an “upside down smile” (where the corners of one’s mouth angle downward when smiling), Lowry, foils in her hair, posted a video of her smiling to see if she did in fact have an upside down smile as the fan had suggested.

Lowry first smiled naturally, with the corners of her mouth pointing up. She then, however, tried to force an upside down smile, however this led to Lowry slightly sticking her jaw forward. The former MTV star and current podcast mogul then tried to smile naturally a few more times, but each smile ended right side up.

Kailyn Lowry Used to Have Her Own Haircare Line

Lowry puts a lot of effort into maintaining her hair, so much so that the former “Teen Mom” cast member started her own haircare line, called Pothead Haircare. Lowry launched the line in 2018, with all of her products being infused with CBD. After three years, however, Lowry’s company announced that it was “temporarily closing” in a statement released on their since-deactivated Instagram account.

“We have experienced issues along the way pertaining to CBD regulations, international shipments being confiscated by customs in bulk and the restricted ability to advertise due to being classified as a drug. We have decided to take a step back to see how we can improve and better service our customers” Pothead Haircare’s statement read at the time. While the company closed in August 2021, there has been no word on whether or not the haircare line will resume production.

Pothead Haircare’s website is currently down, however there is a countdown timer on the website stating “Our Website is Coming soon,” with the countdown set to end on Wednesday,
May 17, 2023.

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