‘The Golden Bachelor’ Spoilers: Gerry Turner’s Final 3 Ladies Revealed

The Golden Bachelor cast

ABC Gerry Turner is the first lead for "The Golden Bachelor."

The premiere for “The Golden Bachelor” airs on Thursday, September 28, and Bachelor Nation fans are eager to get started. Gerry Turner is the first gentleman to lead this spinoff of all senior contestants, and some spoilers regarding his journey have emerged. Does Turner find love?

Warning! Major spoilers for “The Golden Bachelor” ahead!

Gerry Turner Is With Someone Post-Filming

Bachelor Nation immediately fell in love with Turner as soon as he was introduced. Spoiler king Reality Steve has shared some details regarding how Turner’s journey to find love again goes, and he says the widower is successful at finding someone during “The Golden Bachelor.”

During his September 28 podcast, Reality Steve detailed “The Golden Bachelor” spoilers he had uncovered thus far. He noted that so far, he has not pinned down information regarding Turner’s final rose recipient. However, he has learned some important scoop.

“He clearly is with somebody, I don’t know if there was a proposal or anything like that, but he did choose somebody,” Reality Steve detailed.

The podcaster and blogger has learned the final three and final two women for Turner’s season, but he noted, “I have not heard which one he chose.”

Turner’s Final 3 Women Are Leslie Fhima, Theresa Nist, & Faith Martin

On August 30, Reality Steve tweeted spoilers for “The Golden Bachelor.”

“(SPOILER): Here are your final 3 women on Gerry’s season. Only 3 had hometown dates for this season,” he began.

Reality Steve went on to reveal that Turner’s hometown date recipients and final three women include Leslie Fhima, Faith Martin, and Theresa Nist.

Entertainment Weekly shared a video with short introductions to many of Turner’s ladies, and each of his final three women was included.

Fhima detailed she was 64 years old, and when asked why she believed this was the right time for her to find love, she laughed and replied, “I’ve been ready for a long time!”

This “Golden Bachelor” contestant is a fitness instructor from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and she was previously a professional figure skater according to her ABC bio.

She has three kids and three grandchildren, along with a mini Aussiedoodle. Fhima has completed 10 marathons and considers Post Malone and Lady Gaga concerts to be among the best she has ever attended.

Nist, 70, noted she was previously married for 42 years. She admitted, “I don’t want to be alone anymore. I want to be in love again.”

She also shared, “It’s not the end of your life, there’s so many more things to do.” Nist lives in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, her bio notes, and she works in financial services.

“The Golden Bachelor” considers herself to be “optimistic, encouraging, and ready to love again after loss.” She has children and grandchildren she adores, and she loves activities like gardening, hula hooping, board games, and reading romance novels.

Martin, who is 60, explained, “It’s a good time for us to realize in these golden years that we have a lot of life to live.”

Her bio on “The Golden Bachelor” site indicates she lives in Benton City, Washington, and she is a teacher. She’s also a singer, who performs regularly according to her Instagram page, and she is a radio host as well.

This “Golden Bachelor” contender has two sons as well as four grandkids, and she loves adventure.

Fans Are Excited to Watch Turner’s ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Journey

“The Golden Bachelor” spoilers for Turner’s final rose may not be available yet, but fans are still excited to watch.

A Redditor in “The Bachelor” subreddit declared, “BIP is back and I’m thrilled but I also can’t wait to see Golden Bachelor Gerry find love because he is precious!”

“Need more than an hour,” decried a Redditor, referring to the 1-hour length of “The Golden Bachelor” episodes.

“Starting to think the regular bachelor can go away and it can just be golden bachelor/bachelorette. This seems so wholesome,” a Redditor suggested after Turner was announced as “The Golden Bachelor” lead.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. So much YES. I’m so ready to watch this season,” someone else gushed.

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