‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Pair Prepares for Big Move & Embraces 1st Christmas Together: ‘Here’s to Second Chances’

'Bachelor in Paradise' cast

ABC The season 8 "Bachelor in Paradise" cast waits at a rose ceremony.

For “Bachelor in Paradise” lovebirds Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby, this holiday season brought some firsts. The pair recently shared an update on big plans they are working on, and they just celebrated their first Christmas as a couple as well. What’s the latest with this season 8 couple?

Here’s what you need to know:

Danielle Maltby Recently Went Apartment Hunting in Ohio

As “Bachelor in Paradise” fans may remember, Allio and Maltby currently maintain a long-distance relationship. He lives in Ohio with his son, while Maltby has been living in Nashville, Tennessee. However, that distance will soon decrease. The pair previously revealed she would move to Akron, Ohio, and the couple recently shared an update on that front. A December 11 Instagram post by Allio detailed he and Maltby had “Spent the weekend looking for jobs and apartments for @dmmaltby in Cleveland.” He added, “We managed to sneak in some fun in between… Creating memories.” Maltby commented on her beau’s post by admitting she was “Not ready to leave.”

Maltby shared a short video filled with highlights of that weekend trip to Ohio on her Instagram page as well, and she admitted it “Still feels like new love” with Allio. The “Bachelor in Paradise” star added she “Can’t wait to put this leaving you business behind us, but this weekend was wild and weird and intentional in all the best ways.”

The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Stars Were Together for Christmas

During their updates regarding the job and apartment hunting, the “Bachelor in Paradise” stars did not reveal whether they were successful in finding Maltby a new place to live. However, they both were clearly thrilled with how the weekend went and based on a December 20 Instagram post on Allio’s page, she returned to Ohio for Christmas as well. Allio shared a video and caption asking about gift bags versus wrapping paper, and Maltby commented, “Omg babe” on it. He then replied, “@dmmaltby get here quick! I need help!”

Subsequent Instagram updates gave “Bachelor in Paradise” fans some insight into the couple’s Christmas celebrations. One of Allio’s Instagram posts showed him hanging out with the little kids and sliding down a staircase. Maltby, who is a nurse, joked, “I definitely didn’t participate but [was] on hand for any emergencies.” Allio also shared a selfie showing him with Maltby, which appeared to be snapped a few days before Christmas.

“The best gifts are often the ones we never knew we needed. I’m so lucky to have found you when I did. Entirely unexpected, you entered my life at a time when I needed it most,” Allio wrote in the caption of his post. “It’s true that life isn’t fair. And yet, it’s generous if we allow it… Here’s to hope. Here’s to second chances,” he continued. The “Bachelor in Paradise” star thanked Maltby for “giving me something to believe in and for being the greatest gift I never knew I needed.” Maltby replied, “This is the love you hold out for,” and several other “Bachelor Nation” personalities commented with love for the duo. Blake Horstmann admitted, “Well this made me tear up lol,” and Wells Adams commented with some sweet emojis.

The “Bachelor in Paradise” couple’s first Christmas together seemed to go splendidly, and it seems there are plenty of happy updates from Maltby and Allio on the horizon as she moves and settles into her new life in Ohio.