‘Voice’ Star’s Child Rushed to ER After Ex’s Dog Attacks Face

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Heavy/Getty/NBCUniversal Country star Morgan Wallen's son, Indigo, was taken to the hospital for stitches on June 19 after he was bitten by a dog.

Country star Morgan Wallen’s son, 2-year-old Indigo Wilder, was taken to the hospital for stitches on June 18 after he was bitten by a dog. Wallen’s ex-girlfriend, KT Smith — the mother of Indigo — revealed via Instagram the following day that her dog bit the toddler on the face.

“Yesterday, he bit Indigo in the face, and [Indigo] had to have stitches, and we spent yesterday morning at the emergency room,” she said, per Page Six.

“Since then, we have been looking for options, and I just couldn’t bring myself to what everyone else says and what you’re supposed to do, apparently — what the world tells you to do — is to put the dog down because they are aggressive,” she explained, according to the outlet. Her dog is a Great Pyrenees named Legend, whom she rescued in 2022, per Instagram. 

Smith, 28, said she didn’t want Legend to go to a kill shelter, and vowed to find a new home where there aren’t small children. “He is not aggressive toward adults at all,” she said, per the publication. “You can get in his face, and you can do anything, and he’s still such a good dog.”

“I’m getting Indigo back home tomorrow, and he has to be gone by then,” she said about Legend, according to Indigo.

Smith knew she couldn’t keep Legend in her home. He’d have to be muzzled to avoid future bites. She said it was best for Legened to be rehomed.

“I can’t be a good dog mom to him [if I’m] keeping a muzzle on him or a good mom in general. Having a kid just really scared of him in the home,” she explained via Instagram Stories, per Page Six.

Wallen, who dated Smith from 2017 to 2019 — per Us Weekly — did not publicly comment on the incident. Wallen first appeared on “The Voice” during season 6 in 2014 where he was Team Usher. He performed “Collide” by Howie Day for his audition, and made it to the top 20 before he was voted off by fans.

Wallen has gone on to become one of the most popular country singers, known for top hits like “Wasted on You,” “Last Night,” and “You Proof.” He has nearly n 26.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Smith Revealed Legend’s Fate

Smith said she found a new home for Legend, where he would be taken care of.

“Just wanted to update you guys but also thank you for all of the help and support. We just dropped Legend off with the sweetest family where he will be living out his full potential and best life on a farm,” she wrote via Instagram, per People. “I couldn’t have asked for a better family for him to be loved by and they’re east Tenneseaans so we can visit any time we need to. Thank you guys again, for helping but for also crying with me and lifting me up.”

“Today’s been a day,” Smith added via Instagram Stories on June 20.  “Trying to say distracted and just out of the house today … But today is a lot harder than I thought it would be.”

“I’ve tried a lot of things to get myself out of this funk and sadness,” she continued. “Usually, if I buy people gifts and stuff, um, it helps. I went and got Indigo some new toys, and while I was at Walmart, I went to get Tom some new dog treats and toys.”

Smith was referring to her other dog, Tom Ford.

Smith Said Legend Was ‘Trustworthy’

In one of Smith’s last Instagram posts with Legned, she kissed him on the mouth after grooming him.

“The most trustworthy boy,” she wrote in March. “Most doggos let alone a rescue wouldn’t let you give ‘em a hair cut 🌞 don’t worry this isn’t his final 😂 he got a dinner intermission.”


When Smith first took Legend home in April 2022, she wrote that the dog might have been taken to the veterinarian for the first time when she rescued him.

“We think we had his first ever real vet appointment today and let’s just say the Lord has His hand over this dog,” the mother-of-one penned. “After finding about 50 ticks on this boy, he was cleared from having any tick prone diseases. He now has been treated, vaxxed, tested, and is on heart worm/flea/tick prevention. He may be 50 lbs underweight, but that’ll be an easy fix.”

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