Are Execs Trying to Get Adam Levine to Return to ‘The Voice’?

The Voice

Getty Adam Levine with Maroon 5 performs onstage during the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest.

Tonight, The Voice Holiday Celebration airs on NBC and includes performances from Voice coaches past and present. Some memorable stars who have appeared on the show will also perform, and it’s possible that there will be a performance from Adam Levine.

According to the synopsis for the special, “An array of Voice coaches past and present, some music superstars and many beloved artists from the Voice family perform holiday classics and popular modern favorites. Plus, Season 19 coaches, Blake, Kelly, John and Gwen share some of their favorite holiday traditions and memories.”

Recent rumors pointed to The Voice executives possibly wanting to bring Adam Levine back to the show, according to Gossip Cop.

Reports Say Executives Want Levine Back on ‘The Voice’

According to Gossip Cop, In Touch magazine claimed that The Voice wanted Adma Levine to return. The magazine claimed that executives and fans miss Levine.

“The fans miss him and his bromance with Blake,” a source reportedly told the outlet. “Gwen loves working on The Voice and is hoping to do another season, but bringing Adam back could change that.”

Sources have previously stated, however, that Levine left the show on bad terms and is not likely to return no matter how badly fans may want him to.

Ultimately, Gossip Cop rated the rumor about Levine being asked to return to the show as “totally false,” much like the other rumors surrounding Gwen Stefani this season.

Levine Left ‘The Voice’ in 2019 Due in Part to Rule Changes

TV Line previously reported that Levine left the show following some disagreements with production and the rules during the show. Sources told the outlet that Levine was being difficult and hadn’t wanted to attend a taping of the semi-finals because he had no artists left that season.

During those episodes, Levine spoke openly about his dislike and understanding of the rules on the show, since they had changed.

“I still don’t understand how you’re not on my team,” he said on the episode. “I don’t think anybody does, just because it’s weird how it works now. I’m still learning the rules of the new show.”

During the next-day performance following the early taping of the semi-finals, Adam Levine did not live up to NBC’s expectations, a source told TV Line.

“Adam had been checked out for awhile,” the source said. “But, this was a new low. It was essentially the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Another source told TV Line that NBC was embarrassed about the way Levine behaved at the performances.

Gwen Stefani Is Leaving ‘The Voice,’ But Levine Is Not Returning

While the source may have told the outlet that Stefani wanted to continue on the show, but the executives were pushing for Adam Levine’s return, that did not turn out to be the case.

It was recently announced that next season of The Voice will see the return of Nick Jonas for his second season of coach on the show.

Stefani has never stayed on the show for two consecutive years, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that she’s leaving once again. During her time on the show, she has been busy recording albums and releasing new music.

In the video announcement of Nick Jonas’s return, it was clear that the real reason he returned to the show was to beat Blake Shelton. The highly theatrical video showed that Jonas has been meditating on ways to beat Shelton and that he wants to “make him cry.”

The promotion shows Shelton, Clarkson and Legend walking into a room where Jonas sits on the floor.

“I’ve been living and breathing The Voice since season 18,” Jonas says in the video. “I’ve honed in my skills. Channel your inner champion. Make Blake cry! Little do these coaches know, I grow stronger by the day. The newbie has now become the master.”

Shelton shouts, “It’s Nick Jonas! He’s back! What are you doing, taking a nap?”

“A warrior never sleeps,” Jonas tells him, causing Shelton to reply, “My God, he’s so cute when he’s scary.”

Stefani still wants to beat Shelton as well. She recently posted on Instagram about it, writing, “Me and my [cowboy] trying to beat the king of [The Voice] this season!! gx @blakeshelton.”

The Voice Holiday Special airs on Thursday, December 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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