Everything You Need to Know About ’90 Day’s’ Chantel & Pedro’s Explosive Divorce

Pedro and Chantel

TLC Pedro and Chantel in happier times.

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno have been married since March 2016, and have been documenting their relationship on the “90 Day” franchise ever since. Season four of their spinoff series, “The Family Chantel,” has been airing on TLC since June 6, 2022, and has been depicting a very troubled relationship between the couple.

The Details of the Divorce So Far

Although the pair were still married and living in their new house together in episode six (the last episode that aired as of this writing), they have officially filed for divorce. Court records obtained by Heavy also show that both parties filed restraining orders against each other on the same day Jimeno filed for divorce. The official divorce complaint states, “The marriage between the Parties is irretrievably broken.”

According to legal documents viewed by Heavy, Jimeno filed for divorce on May 27. The paperwork included the accusation that “On or about April 23rd 2022, the Defendant [Everett] withdrew from the Parties’ joint business account over $257,000.00 of the Parties’ joint funds and transferred it into an account in the Defendant’s name and her sister’s name.”

TMZ reports that Everett allegedly took the money five days prior to their separation.  Jimeno claims he tried to resolve matter outside of court, but was not successful. TMZ explains, “he asked the judge to make her transfer the money over to a joint account until it could be divvied up in the divorce. The judge denied the request for an emergency hearing, but said the court would set a hearing for a later date to resolve the issue.”

Court records obtained by Heavy also show that Everett, whose legal name is actually Ceair Chantel Wylie De Jimeno, filed a counterclaim against Jimeno on July 7, in which she accused him of adultery, physical abuse, cruel treatment and mental pain. The document also stated she “seeks the immediate return of her cellular telephone and backup storage device for her computers and phone.”

Fans Are Sad but Not Surprised

Many fans have seen the writing on the wall for quite some time.  Jimenez and Everett have always had a volatile relationship.  However, the split is still unsettling to some.  One Facebook user commented, “Well he got what he wanted; the green card!! She should’ve seen this coming. 🤷‍♀️ sad though.”

Another poster wrote, “Chantel’s family has been in their business way to much. When Pedro started working and socializing the world was much different than sitting behind a computer screen gaming. I hoped they would have made it.”

One viewer lamented, “I actually wanted them to make it. I’m sorry to see this.” Another exclaimed, “Girl let him go! He been messing with that woman at his job!” Many fans are accusing Jimeno of having an affair with his co-worker, Antonella, which may be confirmed by the accusations of adultery in Everett’s filing.

One poster wrote, “Happily never after and he’s with another girl.” Someone else commented, “that’s what I think also and she’s not even pretty.”

There are rumors that Everett has moved on as well. According to Media Takeout, “she’s been spotted around Atlanta with Rich Dollaz from Love and Hip Hop.” The outlet further reports, “According to one Atlanta-based insider Rich has been spotted out on at least two occasions with Chantel, both in the last month. Media Take Out was not able to confirm whether their outings were romantic or professional but Rich was certainly seen with the newly single Chantel.”

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Tricia Toney
Tricia Toney
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Looks like somebody got citizenship.

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