‘Sister Wives’ Fans Blast Meri Brown Over Social Media Posts: ‘Zero Self Awareness’

Meri Brown

YouTube Meri Brown discusses life on "Sister Wives."

Tensions have been running sky-high this season among the stars of “Sister Wives,” and fans have had a lot to say about all the drama. During the most recent episode, Christine Brown was the recipient of a lot of frustration coming from others as she revealed her house had sold and she would move back to Utah the following week. Spoilers from the next episode of “Sister Wives” reveal things will become even more intense as Kody and fellow wives Meri Brown and Robyn Brown lash out. In the meantime, a couple of recent Instagram posts shared by Meri have some viewers calling her a hypocrite.

Here’s what you need to know:

Meri Brown Shared Advice on Instagram

In an Instagram story posted on November 7, the day after the most recent episode that was filled with tension between Kody and the four wives, Meri shared a quote and added an emphatic “YES” in text over it. The quote reads, “Talking poorly of others is ugly. Remember, you’re too hot for that.” It did not take long for the post to be shared in the “TLC Sister Wives” sub on Reddit, and plenty of people shared their thoughts.

“This woman…. Insufferable,” commented one “Sister Wives” fan.

“Zero self awareness as she never considered her words regarding Christine,” noted a Redditor.

“Kody, Robyn and Meri have successfully re-written the narrative in their minds and are walking around believing that if they say it enough, everyone will also start to believe it. Sound familiar? The mentality is insane and is a stunning example of society,” mused another critic.

“I hope this is on a post it note that she forces herself to read before every family encounter,” joked someone else.

“Her defenders have been scarce lately,” pointed out another Redditor.

‘Sister Wives’ Fans Were Not Exactly Impressed

Another Instagram post shared by Meri around the same time gave “Sister Wives” fans an opportunity to comment directly and publicly, and critics did not hold back. Motivational speaker Tony Robbins inspired the post and lengthy caption, and his words seemed to really resonate with Meri. It read, in part, “They say when you walk through fire, you come out the other side changed, different somehow… You can decide to let it burn you down, or show you what you’re made of.” Quite a few “Sister Wives” fans shared their thoughts in the comments section, and they were bold in saying what was on their minds.

“It’s sad she doesn’t see her worth and keeps hanging on to the delusion that she’s still married to him,” one show fan noted of Meri and Kody.

“No offense but I’m not going to take life advice from you. You don’t seem to be living an authentic or fulfilling life,” wrote another.

“Until you do something to REALLY change your life and mindset, like leaving Kody to live a fulfilling life please don’t advise others… you are sending the wrong message to women who might look up to you,” suggested someone else.

“You really want freedom and empowerment? Leave Kody and quit being his doormat,” another commenter detailed.

While Christine has left Kody, and “Sister Wives” fans suspect Janelle Brown may follow, Meri has remained closely aligned with Kody and Robyn. Spoilers suggest there is much more drama ahead as the season continues and viewers will be curious to see if Meri’s mindset shifts at all.