Who Lived & Who Died on Yellowstone’s Season 4 Premiere?

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When”Yellowstone” season 3 ended, viewers were left with a major cliffhanger. It wasn’t clear if John Dutton, Jimmy, Beth, or Kayce would live after all their lives were put in danger. Fans have been waiting since mid-2020 to find out who lived and who died. This is a look at what “Yellowstone” season 4 episodes 1 and 2 revealed.

This article has major spoilers for “Yellowstone” season 4 episodes 1 and 2, and was updated live as the episode aired. 

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Where We Left Off

A lot of characters’ lives hung in the balance when season 3 ended. Jimmy tried to ride a wild horse and was promptly knocked off and left unconscious.

Beth was getting ready to move out of the office after she was fired, when her assistant opened a box that exploded, killing her instantly. It was a huge explosion and it wasn’t clear if Beth survived.

Kayce, after being asked to run for governor, was talking with Monica on the phone when someone broke into the Montana Land Commissioner’s office and attacked him with heavy firepower.

John pulled over to help a woman and son stranded on the highway. While he was helping change the tire, a man stopped and began shooting, hitting John multiple times and killing the mom. John was still alive in the next scene, but a bullet hit his phone and he couldn’t call for help.

Rip, unaware of what was happening, found a dying horse in a field as he was driving and had to put it down. He could see vultures circling in the distance.

The Survivors Were Revealed as the Season 4 Premiere Began

The episode begins right where the season 3 finale left off. John Dutton is lying on the highway, bloodied and beat up as vultures and crows circle. His phone was shot and he has no way to ask for help. He’s not dead, but he’s barely hanging on. A car speeds past, and thankfully it’s Rip, speeding him to a care flight.

Kayce also survived his initial attack and was able to warn Monica. She is attacked in the Dutton ranch house, but manages to survive when Tate kills the man. So far, everyone who died is with people fighting the Duttons.

But what about Beth? She’s alive too. she steps out of her office, beat up and bloody from the explosion, barely lucid. She’s shell-shocked. Her body has been shredded by the explosion and she can’t hear a thing. But she’s alive.

Kayce’s future, though, is unclear. He guns down the men who shot his dad, but gets shot in the process. “Officer down, multiple GSW,” someone shouts as Kayce collapses.

Meanwhile, Rip is rushing to the care flight, trying to get John there in time, yelling at him not to die.

After the first 16 minutes, as the intro begins, it’s not clear if John or Kayce or Jimmy are going to live. But what is clear is that their enemies have taken a lot of hits and many of them have died. And it looks like Beth is going to be OK, at least, although badly damaged.

After the commercial break, we learn that John Dutton is alive. Beth is shocked that he’s conscious, and she’s healed up quite a bit because it’s a month later. He’s still in a precarious position, but apparently his survival is a miracle and he wasn’t expected to live at all.

At 32 minutes into the episode, we also witness the death of Carter’s father. Carter is a new character, and while there were hints that someone else we know might have died, that character has not yet been revealed.

At 49 minutes into the episode, we learn that Jimmy is alive. As Beth and John are leaving the hospital, they pass by Jimmy, who’s still there. He’s in physical therapy after his horse accident, but he’s alive! And Mia is there right by his side.

And while John has recovered enough to come back home, he’s not completely out of the woods yet and still needs the care of an in-home nurse. Of course, John’s not OK with any of that and quickly decides to fire her.

We still don’t know what happened to Kayce, though.

At 56 minutes into the episode, we finally see that Kayce survived too! He has a scar from his gunshot wound and he’s acting really subdued compared to how he used to be. But he’s alive and well.

Just at the end of the first episode, we finally see Jamie too and know that he’s alive as well.

And as the first episode (of a two-episode night) ends, we get one major death. Rip kills Roarke via a rattlesnake hidden in a cooler. We hadn’t seen Roarke once in the episode, and now the character is dead.

Near the end of episode 2, Jimmy is told that he’s going to leave the ranch and fly out with Travis to learn how to be a “real” cowboy. So I’m not sure if Jimmy will continue on the series past the premiere, even though his character lived.

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