Zebra on ‘The Masked Dancer’ Clues & Guesses So Far 2/3/2021

The Masked Dancer Zebra

FOX Zebra is in the "Top 5, Dance The Night Away" episode of THE MASKED DANCER.

Only 5 contestants remain in The Masked Dancer season 1. One of those final characters is the Zebra.

While the Zebra remains in the competition, their celebrity identity is a mystery for the fans and panelists to continue to guess about, using each week’s clues and performances to support their predictions

Here’s what we know about the Zebra so far, and who might be behind the mask:


Zebra on ‘The Masked Dancer’ Clues

The Zebra has remarked, “I’ve kind of fallen out of the limelight.” He also revealed, “I grew up in a rough neighborhood.” The Zebra said, “There was only one direction to go: up.”

Some visual clues that have stood out in the Zebra’s animated clue package include a third-place medal, a license plate reading 154-128, a vintage convertible, a leopard print desk, a UFO with the letters “UFC” on the side of it, a record, and a detonated bomb. There was also a magazine with a picture of the Zebra on it, which read “This Is a Clue.”

Zebra’s “Word Up” clues, were “comeback” and “champion.”

The Zebra mentioned earning a “golden promotion to ZEO,” suggesting he might be a business owner

Zebra showed gratitude for the “support of great mentors and friends.” He also said he believes that “love will always help you fight through,” adding, “If I can channel the love, I’ll come out on top.”

Zebra’s dance partner in the competition delivered some clues about his identity during the Zebra’s episode 6 clue package. They said, “Zebra’s more fun than you can imagine.” They also hinted that Zebra’s “muscles are like cinder blocks. He literally has zero fat on his body.” The partner teased, “he’s a fighter, plus he has two entire countries cheering us on and dancing with us.”

Some visual clues in the video package were a yellow paper bag with $19.92, a red donation bucket with “For Good Will,” and paper money with a bee on it. Red fans were used as a prop by Zebra’s back-up dancers during his performance. The panelists wondered if the money amount of $19.92 was actually in reference to the year 1992.

Zebra’s “word up” clue was “author,” which likely means he wrote a book.

‘The Masked Dancer’ Zebra Guesses

So far this season, the panelists have guessed a number of talented celebrities as the possible identity of the Zebra. Their guesses have included Ricky Martin, Kevin Richardson, Alex Rodriguez, Floyd Mayweather, Tony Robbins, Mario Lopez, or even Tito Ortiz.

After Zebra danced “Take You Dancing” by Jason Derulo, the panelists said they think Zebra might be a boxer, because of his footwork and body placement when he dances.

Guest judge Mayim Bialik guessed that Zebra might be Oscar De La Hoya, which was Brian Austin Green’s guess the previous week.

Ashley Tisdale guessed Conor McGregor.

Paula Abdul changed her guess from Floyd Mayweather to MLB star Barry Bonds.

New episodes of The Masked Dancer air on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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