Top 10 Best Avengers Costumes for Halloween 2017

avengers costumes, iron man costume, thor costume, marvel costumes

When we were kids, we all wanted to be superheroes I think partly because we still believed. We hadn’t ruled out that one morning we might wake up and suddenly be able to fly or turn invisible. I mean, we didn’t think it was likely, but we didn’t think it was impossible either. That imagination and wonder is a kind of superpower all in itself–before logic had closed the doors to magical realms and made ours a smaller and, let’s face it, duller world.

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s a perfect time to let your little ones put on the suit and live their superhuman fantasies. It’s also a perfect time to reach back to that time and remember that we can be superheroes too. Being an adult isn’t all bad because you can decide, I’m going to be Spider-Man for Halloween and then go on the internet and make it happen.

Besides, if your kid’s dressing up as an Avenger, why not join in. Avengers always do best when they’re together.

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I do want to make one quick note. The Marvel universe is heavily weighted on the male side with far fewer female characters. Superheroes can be all genders. Most of these costumes will state that they are gendered for boys or men, but nyone can wear these. No matter what your gender is you can still be Captain America for Halloween. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

Okay, let’s get to it.

1. Captain America From Civil War

avengers costumes, iron man costume, captain America costume, marvel costumes


This child’s costume by Rubies has all the clothing components your little Cap’ will need for a Steve Rogers costume. The bottom and top are a one-piece jumpsuit with attached belt. The half mask is held on with a thick elastic band and won’t cover up the nose. There’s plenty of eye room to see through and the area around in the eyes is padded on the inside of the mask. The jumpsuit is padded with fake muscles to give even those who look like a young Steve Rogers that buff superhero look. Fabric shoe covers make your normal sneakers look like calf high boots.

The only thing this costume doesn’t come with is a shield and the only time Captain America is without his shield is when something has gone wrong. This Magnetic Shield and Gauntlet from $13.98 will let your kids recreate the way Cap’ can attach and detach his shield to his arm. Plus you can worry less about your kid deciding they don’t want to carry it anymore. It sticks to them! The shield is a little smaller to scale to make this practical.

For adults, I recommend checking out this great replica of Captain America’s suit from The Winter Soldier.

Price: From $21.96

Buy the Captain AmericaCostume here.

2. Black Widow

avengers costumes, iron man costume, black widow costume, marvel costumes


Representing the feminine element on the Avengers team, we have Natasha Romanoff. The Black Widow’s suit in Age of Ultron is definitely my favorite of all her looks. It lights up. (I guess I’m easy to please.) This spandex blend catsuit won’t literally light up, unfortunately, but it does have amazing 3D effect printing that gives you as much of that glowing look as possible without you needing to wear a battery pack. The one-piece jumpsuit is stretchy so while it’s going to be clingy, it will also mold itself to your body shape. It includes the belt and the knee pads and elbow pads are attached to the suit.

This costume zips front of the suit, but not all the high. If you need something to wear to a company Halloween party and your company has strict dress codes, just be aware of the low neckline. To complete Natasha’s Black Widow outfit, you’ll also want her Batons for $16.23 and these do light up with the help of two AA batteries, as well as her Left and Right Tactical Leg Holsters from $10.50 each. If you weren’t born a natural red head, match Romanoff’s curls with this $15.74 Black Widow Wig. Like all wigs, it might need a little styling, but you can treat it like you would any hair.

For kids, check out this tough looking Black Widow Costume made by Disney.

Price: From $34.24

Buy the Black Widow Costume here.

3. Iron Man

avengers costumes, iron man costume, thor costume, marvel costumes

This Iron Man costume isn’t messing around. No 3D effect printing on fabric for Iron Man. I’m counting over 10 separate hard pieces that are fitted together to form a serious Iron Man suit. It starts with a polyester jumpsuit that has metallic gold leg sections and attached buckles that you’ll be clipping the rest of the costume onto. If this shiny plastic hasn’t got you standing out enough, the arc reactor in the chest plate and the repulsers on each of the palms light up and glow. The helmet can be a little large as it’s meant to cover your entire head, but not uncomfortable. A button in the inside lights up the eyes as well.

Now this armor isn’t going to fly at you piece by piece and put itself together. Pictures detailing the suggested order of pieces is provided but you’re going to need help from someone else to get all it in place securely. Really the only downside to this is the price tag. The video below is in German but shows you the process of putting this costume on. To add Tony’s distinctive facial hair, this Tony Stark Mustache for $12.49 is a self-adhesive beard you can apply to get the full effect when you remove your helmet.

For kids, take a look at this all in one Iron Man Costume.

Price: $781.02

Buy the Iron Man Costume here.

4. Thor Son of Odin

avengers costumes, iron man costume, thor costume, marvel costumes

If you’re feeling the call of Asgard this Halloween, check out this Thor costume. The long sleeve, stretchy shirt includes padded muscles for Thor’s godly biceps. The red cape is detachable in case you don’t want a red cape blowing in the wind for some reason. Separate spandex pants have realistic printing to mimic stitching and the boot covers are part of the pants so just slip the strap under the soles of your shoes and you’re ready to fight evil.

This costume doesn’t come with his hammer, Mjölnir, but you can pick up a foam replica of Thor’s Hammer for $16.98. The foam is ideal because it’s light to carry around and it’s less likely to cause damage if you knock it into something after imbibing Asgardian (or Earth) spirits. It’s a good copy and even has the runes on the top of the hammer. If you want something a little more true to the movie, this Resin Cast Full Size Thor Hammer costs $149.99 and is much heavier and more accurate. If you’ve got short hair and want that Ragnarok look, then you’re set, but if you were hoping for Thor’s signature blond locks, this $17.99 Thor Costume Wig is right on the money.

For little Thors, take a look at this Boys’ Thor Costume to give your little one padded biceps too.

Price: From $32.05

Buy the Thor Costume here.

5. The Winter Soldier: Bucky Barnes

avengers costumes, iron man costume, Winter Soldier costume, marvel costumes


When you like your heroes a little less black and white, Bucky Barnes is your guy. This is another high end, many piece costume, but is much easier to put on since you’re working with clothing and not plastic armor. The costume includes denim pants with detailed seams and knee pads, shirt with metallic “fake arm,” PU leather vest with character accurate straps, belt, waist bag, black glove to layer over a silver glove on the metal arm, and a Winter Soldier mask. Pretty much, bring your own boots and you’re there. This costume comes in nine sizes from XX-small to XXXXL. You can even choose a custom sizing option and they’ll make the costume to your measurements. The only thing I would change is the glove. Rubies makes a much more realistic looking “metal” Winter Soldier Glove Set for $12.79.

For kids, take a look at this Boys’ Winter Soldier Costume with included mask and padded muscles

Price: $299

Buy the Winter Soldier: Bucky Barnes Costume here.

6. Spider-Man

avengers costumes, iron man costume, spider man costume, marvel costumes


Being Spider-Man for Halloween is great, but having a light up Spider-Man costume for Halloween is awesome. This stretchy jumpsuit with separent full head mask has fiber optics in the chest that light up the Spider-Man logo. For under $40, that’s an unexpected perk. The chest and shoulders have padded muscles to bulk up your little spider. The white mesh eye holes are larger than on other costume and allow plenty of space to see. The mask will cover the nose and mouth so this might not be the best choice for kids with sensory issues or a dislike of tight spaces. Because it’s not attached to the rest of the suit, the mask is easy to take on and off as needed to enjoy their candy loot.

This costume doesn’t come with gloves but Marvel offers Spider-Man Webshooter Gloves for $39.92 that shoot out little plastic darts and a beam of light in the shape of Spider-Man’s face. Now that’s really neat, but no one would blame you if you didn’t want to deal with picking up those darts. These plain Spider-Man Gloves for $7.52 would finish off this costume just fine as well. I’m using this second ones in the photo in case you want to show your little one but don’t want them to get any ideas about the dart shooting gloves.

For adults, take a look at this full body Spider-Man Costume.

Price: $35.85 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Spider-Man Costume here.

7. Black Panther

avengers costumes, iron man costume, black panther costume, marvel costumes


I’m so excited to see the new Black Panther movie. If your little one is too, get a jump start with this Black Panther costume from Rubies. It comes with a full face mask and stretchy jumpsuit which includes padded muscles, attached gauntlets, 3D effect printing, and attached boot covers which slip over your normal shoes. It’s comfortable to move in as you can see in the below video of this little panther running around enjoying his costume. The only thing it doesn’t come with are the Black Panther Gloves for $7.70 with 3D effect printed claws so your panther can feel fierce without accidentally poking themselves.

For adults, check out this nearly identical Adult Black Panther Costume and these Cosplay Gloves with fake claws.

Price: $22.20 (40 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Black Panther Costume here.

8. Hawkeye From Age of Ultron

avengers costumes, iron man costume, hawkeye costume, marvel costumes


For a super realistic adult Hawkeye costume, check out this set which includes the top, pants, belt, gloves, and archery wrist guard. Each piece is highly detailed and accurate to the character in the movie Age of Ultron down to the red contrast fabric and the black S.H.I.E.L.D insignia on the chest. There are eight sizing choices so this is a costume that can work with a wide range of body types. The only thing this costume is lacking is Hawkeye’s bow which is pretty necessary for the costume to work. This Marvel Avengers Hawkeye Deluxe Quiver with Collapsible Bow and Arrow Set by Disney for $44.94 will be a little small for adults, but not so much as to look out of place. Just small enough to not be in the way which is how I prefer my Halloween costume accessories anyway.

For kids, check out this Civil War Hawkeye Costume and child’s size Archer’s Glove.

Price: $164 (29 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Hawkeye Costume here.

9. Ant-Man

avengers costumes, iron man costume, ant man costume, marvel costumes


For Ant-Man lovers in your life, this one-piece jumpsuit includes padded muscles, attached boot covers, and attached belt. The 3D effect printing shows all the high tech details of the Ant-Man suit. The mask is open in the back and stays on via a black elastic band. This costume tends to run a little small, so keep that in mind when ordering. To get the full Ant-Man look, pick up these Child’s Ant-Man Gloves for $7.06 that have 3D effect printing of the Ant Suit’s wires and shrink buttons.

Adults should check out this full body Ant-Man Morphsuit that even includes his tiny little antennae.

Price: From $22.73

Buy the Ant-Man Costume here.

10. Falcon

avengers costumes, iron man costume, falcon costume, marvel costumes


This all in one costume for kids comes with muscle-padded jumpsuit, tinted goggles, wrist gauntlet, jet pack vest, and wings. The 3D effect printing gives the look of hanrnesses, belts, straps, and knee pads without having deal with any tangling. The neck of the jumpsuit has a collar that is true to the movie character design. The only thing you’ll need is black shoes and, if you want to be more accurate, some black fingerless gloves. These Kids’ Marvel Civil War Gloves for $6.49 are meant for Captain America but will do the job just fine.

Price: $27.31

Buy the Falcon Costume here.

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