11 Best Stranger Things Costume Ideas

stranger things costume

If you’re still reeling from binge-watching season three, the best we can do until season four is getting ready for Halloween with a Stranger Things costume ideas.

A nice thing about putting together a Stranger Things costume is that you can put together most of them by carefully curating regular clothes with accessories. I’m sure you could go into a Halloween store and pick up a thin polyester jumpsuit that looks like a retro shirt and jeans if you want, but a lot of these costumes are made up of clothes that you could wear again after Halloween.

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1. Eleven All Dressed Up

Elements of Stranger Things Eleven look with pink dress


Be your best Eleven.

This pink dress and blonde wig will have you feeling pretty and maybe a little awkward. The dress is a perfect replica of Eleven’s dress in the show down to the tiny jeweled accents on the front. It even comes with socks or you can buy them separately.

It’s designed to be a girl’s dress, since that’s what Eleven is, but it will fit some adults as long as you’re taking a good look at the sizing chart. If you’re worried this won’t fit, Spirit Halloween does make an adult-size Eleven dress that’s officially licensed. To stay warm you can pick up her blue windbreaker.

If your Eleven has been getting into some scrapes on Halloween, this viscous, and highly pigmented stage blood won’t dry out on you and has a great drip effect perfect for nosebleeds. If you like getting down into the details, you can use a black tattoo pen from this tattoo pen set to draw your own “011” tattoo.

Lastly, this <a href="https://amzn.to/2JenPBy" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener"Melissa and Doug Frozen Food Play Set may leave you with some extra fake food, but it will get you a plastic waffle to walk around with. Or you can opt for this waffle-shaped purse.

Buy the Pink Eleven Dress here.

2. Momma Steve & Robin From Scoops Ahoy

Steve and robin Scoops Ahoy uniforms


These two are my new favorite duo.

You can perfect the ice cream-scooping, single mom Steve Harrington look with this Scoops Ahoy Costume complete with “Steve” nametag. All you need is white socks and red Chucks.

But Steve “The Hair” Harrington wouldn’t be Steve without this perfectly feathered 80’s wing.

Feel free to mix up seasons and add Steve’s nail-studded bat from season two.

Match perfectly with Robin’s Scoops Ahoy Uniform with “Robin” nametag. This one also comes in child sizes.

For a really fun Halloween, use this whiteboard to give a hard time to any Steves you come across.

Buy the Steve Scoops Ahoy Costume here.

3. Dustin

Stranger things items for Dustin Halloween Costume


Dustin is precious and maybe the second most recognizable character after Eleven. It’s the hats.

The hat is almost the whole costume. The original and iconic hat is his red and blue trucker hat. In the latest season it’s his green and yellow Camp Know Where hat.

Add to it the exact same Waupaca shirt he wears in the show or Camp Know Where shirt and you’ve got a spot on Dustin everyone will recognize. Top it off with a lined denim jacket, and baggy tan pants and you’ve got a full Dustin costume.

Throw on a backpack and this compass with neck lanyard. Now start wandering around talking loudly about compasses and you’re set.

I know I’m leaving out the obvious fact that Dustin doesn’t have any front teeth in the show. Plenty of people cosplaying Dustin have used costume makeup to black their teeth out. Now, it’s entirely your call, but the character, and the actor, both have cleidocranial dysplasia which caused the lack of teeth and the fact that he doesn’t have any collarbones.

It’s a disability and that’s the word actor Gaten Matarazzo uses for it. To me, that makes blacking out your teeth a little complicated ethics-wise. That’s your call to make because while it is a disability, it’s also nothing he or anyone should be ashamed to show.

Buy the Vintage Trucker Hat here.

4. Chief Hopper

Sheriff shirt toy gun and hat


If you’re looking to be the law in the town of Hawkins this Halloween, a good Sheriff’s Shirt is the place to start. Then you just need to iron on a Hawkins Police patch. Matching slacks complete the uniformed officer look.

Hopper just isn’t Hopper without his hat so pick up this Indiana Jones style hat.

This brown costume holster with prop revolver will get you close to matching Hopper’s sidearm while being orange enough to keep everyone safe.

Buy the Sheriff Replica Shirt here.

5. Will Byers in The Upside Down

Items for Will Byers in the Upside down costume


Seeing Will in the Upside Down, all sallow and sickly, always makes my stomach drop–and that makes this a great idea for a Halloween costume.

You can put together a Will Stranger Things costume by layering this CQR Men’s Flannel Shirt over a white undershirt, which you probably have lying around at home, but if you don’t this one works great.

Add a red vest and some vintage looking Lee jeans and you have Will’s outfit.

Now ruin it.
Get it dirty, bloodstained, or even torn. If you can only grab one thing, get this bruise wheel from Mehron. This will give you all the colors you need to get that sick, green skin tone.

Buy the CQR Men’s Flannel Shirt here.

6. Joyce Byers Has Zero Chill

Items for Stranger Things Joyce Byers costume


Joyce Byers might be my favorite character and if you’re looking to copy Joyce’s frazzled, desperate, ragged Mom style for Halloween then check out this green utility shirt, striped red shirt, and vintage corduroy blazer to complete a Joyce Byers outfit.

If you’re not blessed with dark wavy hair, this wig will fix that, but you’re going to want to distress it. Joyce’s hair has never looked that put together.

To pull the whole thing together throw some blue eyeshadow under your eyes for that “I haven’t slept in three days” look.

It’s the little details and accessories that really make a costume so check out these fake cigarettes, old corded telephone, and realistic 27-inch fake axe.

Buy the Women’s Utility Shirt here.

7. The Wall

Alphabet wall shirt from Stranger things with christmas lights


A neat couples’ costume is for frantic Joyce Byers to be accompanied by the wall. This unisex Alphabet Wall Tee Shirts turn you into Joyce’s living room wall, but without all the paint stains. These mobile battery-powered Christmas lights make a great addition to wrap yourself up in.

They run on three AA batteries and the string is just over 17 feet long so take into consideration if you’re cool with that amount of costume. The bulbs have eight different light modes so you can have different bulbs flashing on and off for a perfect Stranger Things look which I think makes the length totally worth it. This is a quick, cheap costume that still looks clever.

Buy the Alphabet Wall Tee Shirt here.

8. Eleven

Eleven costume from stranger things with hospital gown and bald cap


When we first meet Eleven, she’s still in her hospital gown as she’s running away from the facility. Costume Base has matched her gown down to the unique pattern. One change they made is doing away with the string ties which is a huge plus because those always end up coming undone without warning.

For the cropped hair look, skip the bald caps and go for a wig cap. A wig cap will hold your hair down and give you the shaved head silhouette but the color of your hair showing through under the mesh will create a buzz cut look. I’m including the same nosebleed stage blood here in case your Eleven had to throw some people around with her mind.

To really stand out as an authentic battered Eleven, skip your shoes and go barefoot–sort of. These invisible shoes protect your feet while still giving the appearance of being barefoot. They’re waterproof, anti-slip, and hypoallergenic. They won’t protect your feet from being stepped on so be mindful, but the effect it gives the costume in dramatic.

Buy the Eleven Hospital Gown here.

9. Everyone Loves Barb

Barb's clothes from stranger things


It’s hard not to love Barb. Many of us knew her in high school and some of us were her in high school.

This Barb Costume Top is officially licensed and an excellent foundation for a Barb Stranger Things costume. Just make sure you tuck it in and button it all the way up to your chin in true Barb style.

For hair, a Black Widow costume wig actually does the trick fairly well and these eyeglasses complete the look. You may want to pop out the lenses so you don’t strain your eyes though.

Vintage high-riding jeans will land you right in the 80’s, and we know Barb’s not going anywhere without her pink binder.

Just make sure to stay away from pools.

Buy the Women’s Vintage Jeans here.

10. Jonathan Byers: Monster Hunter

Items for a Jonathan Byers Halloween costume


First off, can we just talk about the fact that the actor who plays Jonathan is British? Charlie Heaton nailed the accent. Okay, back to work.

For a monster hunting Jonathan Byers you want his Lined Denim Coat, a plain brown shirt if you don’t already have one, and a pair of straight leg jeans.

Looking generally dejected will also go a long way for a Johnathan costume. This fake plastic camera is actually a piggy bank so once Halloween is done, it’s got another use.

This replica of Jonathan’s nail-studded baseball will make you fully armed and ready for whatever comes through the wall next. (It sells out quick so if it’s out of stock, check out this Zombie Hunter Bat with Nails.)

Buy the HZCX Men’s Casual Fleece Wool Lined Denim Coat here.

11. Lucas on a Mission

Items for a Lucas from stranger things costume


When Lucas means business, he means business. As soon as he threw on this Camo Sweatband, I lost it.

For a Lucas Halloween costume, throw on the sweatband with a blue Ringer Tee Shirt and Red Denim Jacket and you’re set.

For equipment, make sure you’re carrying your retro-style walkie talkie and yellow wrist rocket.

One note about the wrist rocket–this thing can shoot objects over 100 miles per hour so please be careful with it. It’s for demigorgon protection only.

Since you might not want to be carrying those two things around all night, throw on Lucas’ denim backpack with brown bottom so you can easily stow your equipment and all your Halloween candy.

Buy the Halo Camo Sweatband here.

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