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11 Best Black Panther Costumes for Kids and Adults

Looking for an awesome Black Panther costume to represent Marvel’s cultural icon? Look no further. We’ve scoured the web to find all the best Black Panther Halloween costumes that you can wear to replicate the King of Wakanda. Or likewise, his various friends and foes.

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Black Panther Costumes for Kids

If you're shopping to find Black Panther costumes for kids, there are several great options on our list for both boys and girls. Rubie's Kid's Black Panther Super Deluxe Light Up Battle Costume is the best around if you're looking to replicate the King of Wakanda himself. However, there are other great characters to consider too.

This Kid's Wakanda Dora Milaje Costume from Rubie's is an awesome way to go out decked as these infamous female Wakandan warriors. T'Challa's sister Shuri is a super fan favorite and is replicated incredibly within Party City's Kid's Shuri Halloween Costume. Or, your child could always go the villainous route and rock Rubie's Kid's Killmonger Battle Suit Costume.

Black Panther Toys

Black Panther may have been a lesser-known character just a few years back, making it hard to find Black Panther toys in abundance online. Those days are no more, as the King of Wakanda has catapulted amongst the rest of Marvel's elite. 

On Amazon, you'll find hundreds of Black Panther toys and accessories ready and waiting for your cart. Books, action figures, Black Panther masks, Black Panther claws, apparel, bedding, cars, games - you name it and there's little doubt that you'll find it.

Black Panther Mask

A few of the Black Panther costumes above come with masks that leave much to be desired. However, there are numerous Black Panther masks on Amazon that can pick up the slack and make any mediocre costume great. 

The Marvel Avengers Black Panther Vibranium Power FX Mask is an inexpensive way to take your kid's Black Panther costume to the next level thanks to its built-in lights and sound effects. And it matches the Black Panther Super Deluxe Light Up Battle Costume incredibly well. 

If you're an adult though, the Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Electronic Helmet is the only way to go. The electronic helmet wraps completely around your head, giving it an authentic look. It features vibranium lighting effects, making it glow a powerful blue. And it even sports flip up and flip-down lenses too. 

Black Panther Claws

Many of these Black Panther costumes cover the majority of your body except for your hands. Luckily, there are some great options online to get yourself an awesome set of Black Panther claws.

If you're buying for kids, you could go the toy route and purchase the NERF Power Moves Black Panther Power Slash Claw. That way you'll have use for the accessory post-Halloween.

However, for those looking for something more costumey, Rubie's has a set of Black Panther gloves that should pair perfectly with most costumes. But if you want the best of both worlds, the Marvel Black Panther Glove Set with Battle Sounds is perfect as they look movie authentic yet are motion-activated with battle sounds and movie effects.