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21 Funny Workout Shirts for Men: The Ultimate List

It’s good to be the kind of guy who doesn’t take their workout too seriously. After all, you’re getting the heart rate up, the blood pressure up, and the veins bulging. All that stuff’s intense enough as it is. You can keep things cool with funny workout shirts. Get a few chuckles while rocking a men’s funny workout shirt and lift heavy objects while taking life lightly.

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Funny Workout Shirts

We're including two types of shirts in this list. Regular t-shirts and tank tops. There are a couple of long sleeve t-shirts in the bunch. Funny workout tanks are great, and funny running t-shirts are great. Some of them are cute running shirts, which you're cool enough to sport.

In each case, we show, where possible, what the fabric is and whether there are other colors available. As you go through the list, make sure you check out the other options that we link to. The shirts are numbered one through 21, but that's for convenience only, not ranking. They're all great. (Okay, some are funnier than others.)

A quick word on care. Many of the shirt makers recommend turning the shirt inside out and washing it cold. That's a smart idea for any shirt that features something printed, as it will do more for preserving the design.

Finally, we applaud you because you have the self-confidence that some of these shirts require. Not everybody does. Use your chiseled guns to pat yourself on the back for copping something from our list of the 21 Funny Workout Shirts for Men: The Ultimate List.