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Top 11 Best Christmas Vests

Ah, the Christmas vest. Perhaps not as well known as the Christmas sweater, or its bizarro cousin, the ugly Christmas sweater. But, indeed, the women’s Christmas vest and the men’s Christmas vest are a solid bit of holiday fashion that you may want to make part of your Yuletide tradition every holiday season moving forward.

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Fun or Fashionable

The two categories we’re breaking this into are simple: Christmas vests that are fun (these are kin to the ugly sweater) and Christmas vests that can be excellent members of the wardrobe. You’ll find a selection of each for women and for men. Because of the dominance, and popularity, of the ugly Christmas sweater, you’ll note that many of the fun Christmas vests may be, well, funny…but they’re often good-looking, too.

A benefit of the Christmas vest is that its part of a holiday ensemble. Layering — when done well — always looks good. A nice shirt, a nice pair of pants or a skirt, and the vest: you’re gonna be the brightest ornament on the tree when you hit the Christmas party. Bring along a nice fruitcake. It’s the holidays and you’re the complete guest or host, who happens to be wearing a KA Christmas sweater from the

Top 11 Best Christmas Vests.

As we scoured the web for intel on the Christmas vest, we noticed that it tended to be lumped in with ugly sweaters. And the ugly Christmas sweater — or tacky Christmas sweater — has a venerable history. True story: it’s documented in Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book: The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Ugly On. But let us not tether the underpinnings of the Christmas vest to the uggie sweater. We are here to assert that the Christmas vest for women and the Christmas vest for men can stand on their own.