Disney Officially Announces ‘Infinity’ Video Game Property

Disney Infinity

Disney finally made an official announcement about its Skylanders-like brand, Infinity. The company went on to state that the Infinity brand is more than just a video game property, but an entire collection of intellectual properties.

The first available toy playsets Disney unveiled for its new line of video games are based on the Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters Inc., and The Incredibles properties. The game will feature a wide variety of figurines based on Disney characters. Players will be able to transport these toys into the game.

This method of play is quite similar to Activision’s Skylanders franchise. Since Activision has experienced unparalleled success with their franchise, it comes as no surprise to see Disney doing the same thing.

Video footage of the game can be seen below:

Disney gave details on the game’s usage of Power Discs, which are physical flat discs that players can place inside the game through a portable base. These discs will enable the use of additional items in the game.

Game Informer gave a synopsis on Infinity’s Toy Box mode:

Toy Box mode allows you to unlock hundreds of new toys such as vehicles, which you can use to explore a large open world. You’ll also have mission to complete during Toy Box mode, which will teach you many of the game’s mechanics. The theme of every world changes based on the characters you use. Toy Box mode is really a toy box because you’ll be able to build your own worlds and levels to create your own experience. In this mode you can also also link objects so that you can create buttons that open doors or raise elevators. You can also create race gates, add enemy spawn points, or change the placement of the camera. In a lot of ways, Toy Box mode sounds like an interesting cross between Minecraft and LittleBigPlanet and sound like the primary mode.

A trailer for the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set was also released for the game. Check out the video above.

Disney Infinity is set to release in June 2013. Additional playsets and figurines will be released at a later date.

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