Fuse: Game Trailers and Gameplay Videos You Need to See

Fuse Game

Fuse is the former game initally known as Overstrike. The name may have changed, but the fast paced third-person shooting mechanics have stayed in place. Check out the trailers and gameplay videos for EA/Insomniac Games’ 4-player, co-op shooter.

Official Fuse Announce TrailerFuse, an alien energy source, is stolen. Overstrike 9 is sent in to retrieve it. Join up to 3 friends as you deploy lethal teamwork and experimental weapons to recover it. fusegame.com facebook.com/FuseGame twitter.com/insomniacgames2012-09-14T03:58:23.000Z

Official Trailer

Fuse – Dalton Rules TrailerThree simple rules every Overstrike agent should live by. This new trailer showcases a routine operation that quickly explodes into a full-on global arms race over Fuse — a powerful but volatile alien substance. It is now up to you and three other elite teammates to stop Raven, the rogue paramilitary force that has stolen…2012-12-18T13:30:45.000Z

Dalton Rules

Fuse Character Video – Naya DeverauxNaya Deveraux, the stealth and AoE expert of the bunch. While your father taught you how to ride a bike, Naya's pops taught her how to kill. Now, he is captain of Raven, the organization Overstrike 9 has been sent to undermine. At least she'll get to work through her daddy issues with a cloak…2013-04-19T20:50:13.000Z

Naya Deveraux

Fuse Character Video – Izzy SinclairIzzy Sinclair isn't really a people person. In fact, she's lived out most of her life secluded as a hacker and intelligence broker. So, it might surprise you that she is the team's support aficionado. Her Shattergun crystallizes enemies and lifts them up out of cover; while her Heal Beacon is able revive downed enemies…2013-04-19T20:50:24.000Z

Izzy Sinclair

Fuse Character Video – Jacob KimbleJacob Kimble is a former police detective whose idea of justice firmly sits in a moral grey area. Now he operates as the team's long-range marksman and trap expert. To do this, he is equipped with the Arcshot, a liquid mercury infused Xenotech weapon that is able to melt away its target at the tap…2013-04-19T20:50:32.000Z

Jacob Kimble

Fuse Character Video – Dalton BrooksOverstrike 9 squad leader Dalton Brooks, a former Raven mercenary, is thrust into the unique role of toppling his former employer. To help him, he commandeers the Magshield, which is a Fuse-powered Xenotech weapon that creates a portable shield to block incoming projectiles. Offense is the best defense, though — which is why the Magshield…2013-04-19T20:50:40.000Z

Dalton Brooks

Fuse – Fable's Vision TrailerFour Against Everyone – An alien energy source known as Fuse has been stolen by the rogue military corporation, Raven. Each of Raven's ruthless leaders has their own plan for the powerful, volatile substance. Can the Overstrike 9 agents stop them before the world is brought to its knees? fusegame.com Like Us on Facebook: facebook.com/fusegame…2013-05-01T13:02:27.000Z

Fable’s Vision

Fuse – Hired Guns TrailerBuy Fuse Now: insomniacgames.com/games/fuse/#/buy "Not too long ago, we would have killed each other." Meet the members of Overstrike 9, elite agents with… complicated histories. Play as all four agents when you download the demo, available today on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Learn More at: fusedemo.insomniacgames.com Like Us on Facebook: facebook.com/fusegame2013-05-07T13:06:43.000Z

Hired Guns

Fuse Launch TrailerFuse launches on May 28th. Pre-order here: insomniacgames.com/games/fuse/#/preorder Fuse is a volatile alien substance that when combined with elements found on earth…things get really interesting. While the members of Overstrike 9 found Fuse-powered weapons deep inside a secret government base, they're not the only ones who have access to this high-tech compound. Download the demo…2013-05-16T13:00:57.000Z

Launch Trailer

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