Giant Boulder of Death: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Giant Boulder of Death

Giant Boulder of Death is another outlandish entry in the world of infinite runner mobile games. The goal of this game is quite simple – crush, mash and destroy everything in your angry boulder’s path!

Adult Swim knows what it takes to get mobile gamers addicted to its brand of super colorful games. This infinite runner may seem simple, but beneath its tough exterior is a deep destruction simulator. Use these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats to make sure you travel the longest distance possible with your boulder.

1. Upgrade Your Boulder To The Max

Giant Boulder of Death Tips

The boulder you start out with may be able to roll over little obstacles, but it will have a hard time putting down bigger houses and buildings. Your starting boulder won’t have much luck knocking down spike strips and other annoying obstacles, either. Upgrade your boulder as much as possible by throwing some coins into its progress, then watch your boulder become even more of a powerful force.

2. Smash Houses By Taking Down Trees

Giant Boulder of Death Tips

It may be tough to take down houses without the mighty power of the Invinciboulder. If you’re looking to take down some cribs with another plan, then knock down any tress that are close to the houses. Those trees will go flying and probably knock down those houses or barns for you. Problem solved!

3. Get Some Free Coins Without Taking on Those Offers

When you head into the game’s menus, go ahead and like the game through those popular social media channels we all know and love. You’ll get a couple of free coins for your efforts. A bunch of other offers will pop up next to those social media offers, too. Tap on those offers, then head right back into the game. There’s no need to actually take advantage of those offers, so just check ’em out for a hot second and get your free coins. Those offer tabs will still be present when you get back to the game, so just keep tapping on ’em to get your coins. They’ll be gone eventually, so make the most of your coin gain.

4. Cop That Coin Sucker!

As soon as you get enough coins to do so, upgrade the Coin Sucker as much as you can. When you get that feature upgraded enough, you’ll suck up way more coins/gems whenever you take a spin and land on the Coin Sucker.

5. Upgrade The Gem Frequency Power Up As Much as Possible noted that the gem frequency feature if your boulder loves taking longer treks:

If you are already going long distances, upgrade them Gem Frequency as high as you can, or simply spin and then spend two gems to maximize the Gem Frequency. Do this and there are chances you will be able to find three or more gems in a level, meaning that even when spending gems, you’re still earning gems.

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Die right next to a gem and the shards will pick up them gem. If you are close enough multiple shards will hit the same gem and pick one gem up multiple times and it count as multiple gems! the closer you are when you explode, the better. does not work when you use gem sucker.

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