Mega Dead Pixel: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Mega Dead Pixel Tips

Mega Dead Pixel runs with the endless runner theme, albeit a twist. Instead of constantly moving forward and avoiding a million and one hazards, you’ll jump into several stages that have you falling down an endless minefield.

Avoiding all those airborne obstacles and completing most of those outrageous challenges are two major factors of the game. We know how addictive this endless faller can be, so we made sure to throw some game-winning tips/tricks/cheats your way.

Make your way through the retro fueled universe of Mega Dead Pixel!

1. The Best Way to Approaching Painting Like a Master

Mega Dead Pixel Tips posted up some noteworthy advice for players that want to paint like a pro:

If you can, watch out for objects that string together without needing to zig-zag too much between paths. Straying too far may result in a collision, while switching across two-to-three rows gives you a better chance of finishing your painting. In addition, watch out for special formations. Painting these will earn you a hefty coin bounty. View the collectibles tab of the Pixelbook tab to see what to look out for.

2. Make Sure Your Starting Size is 2 Pixels

If you have 10 coins to spare, then it really pays to to cop a 2 Pixel Box upgrade. The 2 Pixel Box has one big advantage over the 1 Pixel Box – the 2 Pixel Box falls at much better pace. With that in mind, that 2 Pixel Box will have a much easier time transforming into the heralded Mega Pixel.

3. Upgrade Into A Size 3-4 Pixel As Much As You Can

Mega Dead Pixel Tips Tricks

Size Pixel 2 is cool to start out with, but upgrading into a Size 3-4 Pixel Box is a great goal to head towards. Getting your way through those levels becomes much easier if your Pixel Box comes in at those aforementioned sizes. Bumping into any of the hazardous shapes present on the stage won’t hurt those Pixel Boxes so much. Getting bigger does increase the falling speed, but you’ll be way more protected as you fall endlessly.

4. What’s The Deal With the Hats?

Mega Dead Pixel Tips

So the hats that you can attach to your pixel add a few nice bonuses here and there. If you’re gonna invest in one item that’s available in the game, then it has to be the perk-boosting hats. One hat that you should make sure is on top of your pixel is the Charlie Hat. The Charlie Hat manages to pick up 2 coins every time you paint a different shape.

5. So What’s Up With The Powerups?

Mega Dead Pixel also listed some details about the powerups that make an appearance in the game:

They can be found in the Bonuses section, and you’ll unlock thee items by completing challenges. These include Bombs, which clear everything in your path; Pistols that let you shoot certain objects in front of you; and the Instant Mega Pixel, which lets you transform without having to worry about build-up. Check to see which ones are available, and see what works right for you.

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