The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Panem Run: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Panem Run

The Hunger Games seems to be the hot new thing for teenage movie goers. With a new film entry inevitably comes a video game that represents the property and its memorable cast. If you’re hooked on infinite running games, then you may want to take a chance with the mobile game The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Panem Run.

This endless runner places you in the middle of the kill-or-be-killed scenarios that the movie is based on. You’ll surely recognize a few of the locations and the main characters you’ll be running and shooting arrows with.

With these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats, you’ll prevail and once again reign as the victor of the Hunger Games.

1. Run Fast, Long and Increase Your Coin Intake

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Panem Run Tips

The more distance you cover during this infinite runner, the more coins you’ll pick up along the way. Make sure you also collect as many Sparks pick-up’s as you can, too. These Sparks end up determining how many coins you’ll ammass at the end of a run. You may want to keep all those collected coins to yourself if you do end up tripping up during a round. But sometimes you’d be much better off just spending your coins on an instant restart. Just do this once, though. You don’t want to empty the bank that much before you reach the end of a stage.

2. Upgrade Your Pre-Game Spin Bonus and Power-Up Skills

Upgrading your infinite running avatar means you’ll have to throw a few coins into the right categories. The two character attributes you should upgrade the most are the pre-game spin bonuses and power-up skills. The pre-game spin bonus will push you towards picking up more Spark bonuses and coins. The pre-game spin bonus, upgrade it while also paying attention to the district-specific bonuses that correspond with the correct materials. Matching both of these together correctly means you’ll have an easier time upgrading your skills and arrows, plus you’ll pick up better items and a better score.

3. Here’s A Way to Cop Some Free Coins

Picking up some free coins is an easy task if you have teh time to watch a few videos. On the main screen, check out the top-right icon and click on that “Free Coins” link. Check out each video so you can earn 100 coins for each viewing. Hey, free coins for some quick video advertisements pays off pretty fast.

4. Complete Those Archery Challenges As Fast As You Can

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Panem Run Tips noted that completing those archery challenges in a quick manner gets you more points than usual:

The quicker that you shoot the targets in the archery round, the more points that you will earn for them. You can either tap or swipe in the direction of the target in order to shoot it. Tapping works fine early on, but the farther you run, the faster you go, and when this time comes, swiping will be far more effective than tapping.

5. Keep A Close Eye on the Trail Ahead

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Panem Run Tips also made sure to mention that players should keep a close eye on the road ahead during your stage runs:

Stages tend to get very confusing very quickly due to all of the twists and turns. Always be scanning down the road so that you don’t get thrown off by a sudden turn, because they can ruin a perfectly good run very quickly. Usually, you’ll find that you don’t have to make as many moves as you think you do in order to stay on the right path.

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