Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate: Top Tips & Cheats You Need to Watch

Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate

Batman’s been a major force in video games lately. One of his most premier games, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, is a challenging Metroidvania-esque portable game that’s certainly challenging. The official developers behind “The Dark Knight’s” prison adventure released some videos that provide players with some advice on how to approach the game.

Check out the videos below to find out how to get into and out of Blackgate Penitentiary as Batman in one piece!

Choose A World

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Choose Your World Gameplay WalkthroughPenguin, Black Mask, and the Joker have taken over three distinct parts of Blackgate. Who should you take on first? We decided to make that up to you. When you arrive at Blackgate Prison, you're immediately given the choice of going to the three areas, and while there will be some back-and-forth between the different areas to find everything you need to proceed, the order that you encounter the three big bosses is your choice. We're excited to see what combinations people come up with — especially the speed runners!2013-12-12T14:00:03.000Z

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Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Industrial Gameplay WalkthroughBlackgate Prison is split up into three areas — Administration, Industrial, and the Cell Blocks. Black Mask has taken over the Industrial portion of the prison and is overloading the generators. While he has the larger missions of freeing hostages in the innards of Blackgate prison, he needs to solve this immediate crisis. This video walks you through the beginning of this area, letting you know about Black Mask, what you need to proceed, and it touches upon the core of any Metroidvania-based game — item-based progression. In this case, Batman will end up unable to proceed unless he can find a way to physically break through barriers, which means that he has to explore the prison for some WayneTech equipment to get around the problem. In this case, he is able to find an Explosive Gel Launcher, which is a small breaching device to fire small concussive gel rounds to be detonated at long range. At this point, previously inaccessible areas of the prison are opened up, which establishes the core game loop of the game — see problem, find gadget to solve problem, come back and solve it.2013-12-12T14:00:03.000Z