Xbox One: Titanfall Console Rumored to Launch, Video Game Release Dates Leaked

Xbox One Titanfall

These Xbox One news updates, rumors and leaks are definitely a doozy, gamers.

Several major rumors and news leaks regarding the future of the Xbox One have been circulating after a NeoGAF user spilled the beans on a number of big news.

One of the bigger news to come out of this forum user’s posts is the image of a limited edition Titanfall Xbox One (this looks like a bang-up Photoshop job, but who really knows?). This latest console news update hasn’t been verified by Microsoft yet, but we do know that this Titanfall controller for the Xbox One is a real thing.

Xbox One Titanfall Controller

Two of the rumors posted by that aforementioned NeoGAF user was verified by The Verge. The first major Xbox One dashboard software update is coming sometime in March 2014. The Verge’s sources stated that this update will fix Xbox Live service issues, social feature stability and other system problems.

White Xbox One

The second rumor that was verified by The Verge noted that Microsoft is indeed launching the once-exclusive employee White Xbox One. This special edition system will arrive sometime in October 2014 when Sunset Drive launches. Other Xbox One system rumors from the NeoGAF user included:

– the launch of a 1TB Xbox One in November 2014
– the possibility of an Xbox One releasing with no blu-ray drive (discless), but will feature a Bluetooth adapter (Microsoft is actually testing out the use of an Xbox One that doesn’t use discs)
– the worldwide release dates for the Xbox One

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