PHOTO: Check Out This Infographic on the ‘Evolution of PlayStation’

Here’s a few words from Wish.Co.UK’s Karol Newfeld:

We sure have come a long way from Pong, which was the 1st consumer video game hit in 1972. Today, PlayStation has really done amazing things with technology and graphics. But where did they start? You’ll either be amazed or, depending on your age, truly nostalgic when you see all the early models in the infographic below from

Take a look at the 1st model year you remember and see how crazy the models looked before yours. Then follow the history starting from the 1st unit you remember or maybe even played on and watch how it grew and evolved into the colossal gaming system that it is today.

Then take a look at some of your favorite games. The screenshot of Grand Theft Auto is sure to transport you back to the 1st time you played it. Then compare that screenshot to today’s latest version of GTA and you’ll nearly be stunned at the unbelievable change in graphics.

Just have a look for yourself. Oh my, the memories this brings back…

Check out the image below for a history lesson on the “Evolution of PlayStation!

Playstation Infographic