Frozen Free Fall: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Frozen Free Fall

Disney’s Frozen has become a global phenomenon in the hearts and minds of animated-film fanatics.

A big movie such as this one was bound to become a playable game that children and adults would flock to. Frozen Free Fall is the mobile game that includes the incredible character roster from the movie, plus it adopts the Match Three puzzle gameplay seen in many other mobile gaming hits.

Here’s all the tips/tricks/cheats needed to master the puzzling obstacles thrown in your way in Frozen Free Fall!

1. The Basics Toward Earning Three Stars

Frozen Free Fall Tips Tricks

• You’ll notice the 3-Star meter on the top left of each stage you play on. In order to get your hands on that first star, make sure you reach a score goal of 60,000+ points.

• In order to obtain the other two stars, you’ll just have to attain as many points as possible. Just keep matching up puzzle pieces, creating huge combos and moving important puzzle pieces to the bottom of the board.

• Plus if you complete the stage with more move chances left over, you’ll have a much better chance of getting that elusive 3-star rating. Those spare moves will get converted into special puzzle pieces that will explode and boost your final score.

2. Pay Attention to the 3 Special Puzzle Pieces That Pop Up on Each Board

Frozen Free Fall Tips

• From time to time, you’ll spot three differing puzzle pieces that will flood your puzzle setups. In order to create some frozen pieces, you’ll have to match up five pieces in a row. Once you do this, the frozen piece will then freeze up to nine other pieces within its radius and clear them off the stage.

• Whenever you lock eyes with any glowing pieces in the center of your stage, that means you’ve created it by carefully lining up four puzzle pieces all in one move. The glowing icons will help you call entire rows or columns of puzzle pieces in one shot and possibly help match up other pieces.

• Snowflakes will pop up on your stage whenever you successfully match up five puzzle pieces together. Note that these pieces have to be matched together in a T-like formation. Once the snowflake’s powers are activated, the snowflake puzzle type will help clear out similar puzzle pieces all over the board.

3. Clearing Snow Means You’ll Have To…

Frozen Free Fall Cheats

• As you find yourself getting to some of the higher levels in the game, you’ll note that the newfound element of snow will start blocking your progress. The best way to get all this snow out of your way is by matching puzzle pieces that are nearby the special crystals. Activating the special crystals will then lead to clearing out all that snow.

4. There’s a Way to Grant Yourself Extra Lives

Frozen Free Fall Tips Tricks

• The game grants you five lives per playthrough. You pass a stage, one of your livers will stay intact. You lose and you’ll lose one of those precious lives. Note that extra lives will come into your possession every 30 minutes.

• You can grant yourself some more lives by setting your mobile smartphone/tablet’s date and time setting ahead to the appropriate times. You should make sure that you set your device’s date/time setting back during a long period of time when you’re not planning on playing some more Frozen Free Fall.

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5. Here’s How to Complete Level 29

The video walkthrough above will aid you in completing level 29.

6. Here’s How to Complete Level 30

Once you’re done with level 29, you’ll no doubt run into the difficulty of level 30. Check out the video above to learn how to complete it successfully.

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7. Here’s How to Complete Level 40

Once you clear off all of the levels in the 30 range, you’ll have to run into the tougher ones in the 40 range. Check out the vid above and you’ll get some visuals tips on how to clear level 40.

8. Here’s How to Complete Level 98

Heading into the 100s is pretty darn hard. Getting past level 98’s dangerous wolves is tough, but the video walkthrough seen will help you get past it.

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9. Save Your 2nd Ice Pick for More Pressing Matters

Frozen Free Fall Tips noted that you should keep the second Ice Pick you’re given for the harder puzzle situations you’ll come across:

You’re given two Ice Picks to play with at a certain point in the game. You’ll need to use one of them in the tutorial, but save the remaining one for much later levels when the challenge really ramps up. The same applies for the Snowballs you receive slightly later on in Frozen Free Fall.

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10. The Main Keys to Clearing Stage Tasks That Require You to Bring Special Items to the Bottom of the Board Are…

Frozen Free Fall also released some advice on the methods needed to clear the stages that require you to bring special puzzle pieces to the bottom of the stage:

During certain levels, you’ll have to bring special items to the bottom of the board. You won’t always know where the special tile will appear from though, so make sure you work evenly across the whole board to bring them into play quickly. Once you know where each object is, prioritize that column and clear in vertical matches wherever possible.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Frozen Free Fall players, throw them in the comments section!