Weed Firm: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

3. Get to Know Your Customers and How Much Cash They’re Willing to Spend on Your “Goods”

Weed Firm Cheats

AppCheaters.com noted that each potential customer of your “goodies” has different attributes when it comes to their purchasing behaviors:

• Naomi – Model: 100% of the time Naomi will decide to buy more after “rolling a joint.”

• Nancy – MILF next door: 100% of the time Nancy from next door will spring on the chance for an up-sell, and she pays more than the average customer.

• Ultimator – Hardcore Partier: 100% of the time Ultimator the all night partier will change his mind and decide to purchase more product. He’s not great at math, so sometimes he’ll greatly overpay.

• Sandy – Cheerleader: 100% of the time Sandy the cheerleader with a bad habit will decide to buy more product after smoking. She doesn’t typically pay as much as your other customers, but she’s certainly reliable.

• Lucy – Nurse: 50% of the time Lucy the nurse will increase her original amount, sometimes doubling or tripling the amount.

• Ian – DJ: 50% of the time Ian will buy a little extra, the other half of the time he runs home because he forgot to turn off his turntables.

• Bob – Rastaman: 25% of the time Bob will decide to buy more, and when he does he typically increases the amount by a lot.

• Mike – Plumber: 25% of the time Mike will take you up on your offer and decide to buy more.

• Lee – Mechanic: 25% of the time Lee will spring for a larger amount after smoking with you, but when he does increase his purchase it’s not by much.

• Jane – Stripper: 10% of the time Jane will opt for a larger amount of product, buy usually only by 1 or 2. Keep in mind, it costs you 1 weed to smoke with a customer, so don’t bother trying to upsell Jane.

• Mary – Artist: 10% of the time Mary will decide to buy an extra weed, making it not worth it to roll with her.

• Ryan – Unemployed: 10% of the time Ryan will change his mind about the amount he wants to buy. However, he’s still your worst customer as he underpays and never purchases a large amount of product.

4. Pay The Gangsters; If You Don’t Want To, Just Invest in a Safe

• Once you get upgraded to level three, you’ll have to contend with the constant threat ff gangsters who come to collect your profits. You should always make sure you have a stash of reliable cash ready to deliver because these guys come at random intervals. If you don’t have a safe, then go ahead and pay these dudes off before you get one. You don’t want these gangsters to beat you down and flush all your progress down the toilet all in one shot.

• If you’re tired of paying off the gangsters, do yourself and favor and get Lee to sell you a safe. The safe can be used to store your goods so that when the gangsters arrive, you can tell ’em to piss off. They can’t steal anything now that you’re goods are safely locked away.

• There’s a whole ‘nother way you can keep those gangsters out of your stash. At level 10, you’ll get the option to cop a shotgun from Mike. Do this and you’ll get to exact some revenge on the gangsters that once threatened you time and time again.

• Lee’s the one who’s going to be selling you the safe you need. When he stops by the 1st time around, he’ll want $10,000 for it. Don’t cave in and purchase it just yet. Wait for him to come around 2nd time and he’ll drop his selling price to $6,000. NOW BUY IT!

Head to the next page to get some tips on how to keep the police officer happy and the boosts that music can give you!


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