WATCH: Jim Ross’ Wrestling Commentary Makes Video Games Better


If you’re a wrestling fan who was around during the Attitude Era and beyond, you’ll agree with this statement – Jim Ross is one of the greatest wrestling commentators to ever step behind the announce table.

His ability to get extremely excited, angry and solemn all at the drop of a hat is amazing. So much so that a YouTube series has been dedicated to Ross’ commentary that’s mixed in with some iconic video game moments. YouTube user TheBlueOwlPlays managed to mash together some of Ross’ most intense commentary calls with the video game moments that warrant them. We never knew we’d get so hyped watching Solid Snake climb up a ladder.

Check out this awesome vid above and take in all the craziness that erupts from Jim Ross’ mouth. Make sure you keep abreast of what Mr. Ross is doing these days by checking out his awesome podcast.

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Make sure you get some more hilarity from these Jim Ross video game commentary vids by checking out the 2nd part of this series above. Once part three hits the web…BAH GAWD, WE’LL MAKE SURE TO HAVE IT RIGHT HERE!

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