‘The Order: 1886’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Order 1886

During the 2013 installment of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sony gave its fans their 1st look at a brand new IP – The Order: 1886. This interesting take on the olden days of London mashes elements of future technology and the supernatural within this 3rd-person shooter. Video game developers Ready at Dawn and Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica Studio have come together to craft a game that shows of the powerful graphical prowess of the PS4. Here’s everything important fact you need to know about The Order: 1886.

1. The Story Takes Place in an Alternate History Version of London

The Order: 1886 is set in a beautifully recreated version of Victorian-Era London, which features familiar real world locales such as the London Tube, the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, the Crystal Lake, Mayfair and Whitechapel. An old order of trusted knights have been embroiled in a centuries long war against half breed monsters, who are a mix of man and animal. At a later point during the war between both sides, a set of humans begin to take on the traits of beats, which turns the tide of the war and gives the half breeds the upper hand.

The Order 1886

Centuries after this change in the war’s winning side, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table discover a component they hope can give them a stronger edge – Black Water. Black Water is a mysterious liquid that extends the lifespan of anyone who takes it and gives them regeneration abilities. This new human advantage doesn’t yield the results its users had hoped for until the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

Once 1886 rolls around, the war between humans and half breeds rages on. Along with this conflict, a class war erupts between the poor and the rich folks of London. The Knights are more suited to fight for the upper classes and nobles of their society. The four main Knights that band together to combat half-breeds during this tumultuous time are Sir Galahad, Sir Perceval/Sebastian Malory, Lady Igraine/Isabeau D’Argryll and Marquis de Lafayette.

2. The Weaponry And Gadgets are a Mix of Old Design and Future Mechanics

The Order 1886

Since the game is set in an alternate history rendition of London, The Order: 1886 introduces players to a vast collection of fantasy weapons and gadgets. Some of the more prominent weapons in the game includes the Arc Gun (TS-23 Resonant Circuit Arc Induction Lance) that shoots bolts of electricity and the Thermite Rifle (Essex M86) that’s capable of emitting clouds of flammable dust and setting enemies on fire.

Two of the other offensive items in the game includes the Essex M2/Pn83 “Falchion” Auto-Rifle and Mills Mk IV Fragmentation Grenade. As far as gadgets go, the characters within the game will communicate with each other through a wireless communicator and signal airships through the use of Morse code.

3. The Game Has Been in Development Since 2010

The Order 1886

The main developers behind The Order: 1886 (Ready at Dawn) are best known for their work on the PSP versions of the God of War series. This is their 1st project for Sony’s PS4 console, which is why it has received a substantial amount of hype up until its eventual release. Ru Weerasuriya, the CEO and Creative Director of Ready at Dawn, noted that his studio’s game has been in development since 2010. One of the game’s biggest influences was said to be Naughty Dog’s highly rated Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

4. This Shooter is Built as a Single-Player Experience

The Order 1886

Fans looking for some sort of multiplayer component within The Order: 1886 will be disappointed to learn that there is none. The game has been developed to only feature a single-player campaign. For fans looking to learn about the how high the game’s frames will run, that number comes in at 30 FPS.

5. Three Separate Editions of the Game are Up for Pre-Order

The Order 1886 Pre Order DLC

For fans looking to purchase The Order: 1886, there are three version of the game to look out for. There’s the standard edition of the game, which comes with the pre-order bonus “The Knight’s Arsenal” DLC pack.

The Order 1886 Collectors Edition

The Collector’s Edition will come with the game, “The Knight’s Arsenal” DLC, an official game soundtrack, a collectible steelbook case, “Coat of Arms” stickers, behind-the-scenes footage and a 7-inch “Galahad Under Fire” statue.

The Order 1886 Premium Edition

And finally, the Premium Edition of the game features all of the aforementioned content that the Collector’s Edition has. In place of the “Galahad Under Fire” statue, the Premium Edition comes with a 13-inch “Galahad vs. Lycan” statue. The Premium Edition also comes with a physical Blackwater Vial with a Chain and a special art book encased in a special compartment.

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