Top 4 Best Upcoming PS4 Games: November 2015

upcoming ps4 games november 2015

It may look like the Xbox One will win the fall video game release season on paper — mostly because of a couple of major exclusives — but that doesn’t mean that Sony doesn’t have its own slate of great releases. In fact, even though there aren’t any exciting PS4 exclusives coming in November, owners have a lot of great AAA games to look forward to.

The upcoming PS4 games of November 2015 are mostly overshadowed by Fallout 4, but again, there’s a little something for everyone. You can also check out the upcoming PS4 games of October 2015.

So without further ado, here are the top 4 best upcoming PS4 games of November 2015:

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops III – Story TrailerBlack Ops III engrosses players in a dark and gritty future, where a new breed of Black Ops soldier has emerged, and the lines between humanity and military technology have been blurred. You must navigate the hot spots of a new Cold War to find your missing brothers. While much has changed, one thing remains…2015-09-30T17:08:25Z

Release Date: November 6

It’s undeniably one of the biggest if not THE biggest video game franchise around, and the yearly Call of Duty release this year is Black Ops 3. If you’re like me and have mostly grown tired of new CoDBlack Ops 3 has a lot to re-interest you. It looks like the upcoming iteration will place heavy focus on the zombies mode by not only adding a-list actors, but also by adding XP and levels to the experience, giving you even more of a reason to play.

Buy Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 here.

2. Fallout 4

VideoVideo related to top 4 best upcoming ps4 games: november 20152015-10-20T14:15:16-04:00

Release Date: November 10

It looks like Fallout 4 will be the game to end all games, meaning that we really don’t care what else is coming this year because Bethesda’s newest will keep us occupied well into 2016. It is the biggest video game release of 2016, and it’ll likely be GOTY material (assuming it doesn’t ship in a broken state). If there’s one thing both Xbox One and PS4 gamers can agree on, it’s that we want to play Fallout 4 desperately.

Pre-order Fallout 4 here.

3. Star Wars Battlefront

VideoVideo related to top 4 best upcoming ps4 games: november 20152015-10-20T14:15:16-04:00

Release Date: November 17

If there’s any PS4 release that might steal us away from Fallout 4, it’s Star Wars Battlefront. After playing the beta extensively — seriously, my fingers began to chafe — I’ve fallen in love with the game. It plays incredibly smooth, and the dumbed-down approach is refreshing for the FPS genre, which is plagued by extensive loadout and character customization. Not Battlefront — it’s as simplistic as it gets, and the back-to-basics approach is going to make it a standout this holiday season. It’s also notable how great it sounds and how smooth the framerate and gameplay is.

Buy Star Wars Battlefront here.

4. Need for Speed

Need For Speed 2015 – Video previewHere's some new gameplay of Need For Speed 2015 for you to watch while listening to our preview. For more from GamesRadar Subscribe: You’ve probably missed the fact that this year’s Need For Speed is meant to be a board-wiping reboot for a series that, until 2014, saw a release every year for 13…2015-09-29T15:16:20Z

Release Date: November 3

The upcoming Need for Speed 2015 reboot might have fallen underneath your radar, but it’d be a mistake to write it off just because we’ve already seen a number of car games already this year. The reboot looks fantastic, and the gameplay appears to go back to Underground and Underground 2. There’s no gimmicks. Each car is highly customizable, and that’s what’s most important in an arcade racer.

Buy Need for Speed here.

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